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The origin of temple jewellery starts from worship in the temple. Hindu devotees would wear jewellery that signified their devotion. The pieces were shaped like the deities, made of gold or dipped in gold. These temple jewellery designs are indicative of how the devotees would carry around a piece of their God with them everywhere they went.

Temple Jewellery - Mortantra

Most of these jewellery were in gold and had embedded gems and stones. However, even silver was used in this heritage jewellery but the significance of gold overshadowed it.

In modern culture, temple jewellery is not only limited to the temple but is worn in weddings celebrations too. And it should be as such because we must not limit our beautiful jewelleries to one place and wear them in the brightest places. In addition, we carry a symbol of our Gods with us, and therefore, it evokes a tranquil ambiance around us.

Mortantra – Indian Jewellery

Mortantra is a bridal shop based in Ahmedabad, India. It is primarily engaged in making bespoke handcrafted Indian bridal jewellery. Their pieces are evocative of the traditional jewelleries, giving it an old and vintage look.

When there are many options available, it can be confusing which one is the best for you, so we have narrowed it down to the fifteen most stylish temple jewllery designs, you can find in Mortantra to achieve stunning ethnic looks for any occasion. Let’s explore them!

Temple Jewellery - Mortantra

 Exquisite and Heavy Gold Necklace

Temple Jewellery is heavy in design as well as weight, there is close attention paid to the metal pieces and how the motifs play off each other. Out of all the jewelleries, the necklace is the most obvious piece when worn. It attracts the most eyes when you walk into a room.

You’ll find a heavy and majestic Necklace Set that makes you look glorious.

The Jadau Kundan Necklace Set-MS1256P

Temple Jewellery Designs

This piece is bold and yet, it has a feminine undertone to it because of the pink tiny gemstones in the garden of gold. The accompanying earrings are long and will glide with you when you move. It makes the wearer look regal and gorgeous.

TMPSET1120MB-Temple Necklace SET

Temple Jewellery Designs

A beautiful Temple Necklace Set, which is more subtle with its colours but the bold sphere-shaped centerpiece is eye-catching wear. It has a more simple and laidback style.

TMPSET52P-Temple Necklace SET

Temple Jewellery Designs

Now, this is the crème-de-la-crème of all. Nothing says regal like this peace. The white tiny white beads accentuating the Deity in the centrepiece. The pink gemstones and the dangling tiny pellets make it a wonderful design, one must-have.

TMPSET39-Temple Necklace SET

Temple Jewellery Designs

Coming down from the best, let’s go for serene, simplistic but concrete in its design. The white pearls tightly clasped to the gold plate give it a rigid structure. The tiny flat pendants hanging from it, add a texture to it. Compared to the same patterned necklaces, the use of two distinct pattern design pendants makes it more attractive.

TMPSET51P – Temple Necklace SET

Temple Jewellery Designs

This is more a garland than it is a necklace. As the intricate motifs hang around your neck and accentuate your chest, it is a delightful grandiose neckpiece to wear. This is a top-tier temple jewellery design.

TMPSET73 – Temple Necklace Set

Temple Jewellery Designs

Compact, gold, and beautiful. Also, if you pay closer attention, you will notice the embossed deity on the tiny gold-plated plates.


Necklaces are regal, majestic but they can get basic and boring. If you want more definition to your neck, invest in a choker. Mortantra offers a variety of Temple Chokers.

TMPSET22PA – Temple Necklace Set

Temple Jewellery Designs

If you liked the TMPSET52P-Temple Necklace Set but wanted it as a choker, this is the option for you. It’s captivating, eye-catching and it will go well with any piece of clothing because it’s the centrepiece. Nobody will be looking at what you’re wearing, everyone will want to know where you got it from.

TMPSET84P- Temple Necklace Set

Temple Jewellery Designs

A choker or necklace set solely focused on the deity, you must wear this. It’s equivalent to carrying around a piece of artefact on your body with you. Accordingly, you become an artefact yourself, mesmerising and aweseome.

TMPSET68P- Temple Necklace Set

Temple Jewellery Designs

Who doesn’t like dangling pearls? They give a playful, vibrant undertone to your neckpiece. A powerful deity chiseled onto it, and beautiful pearls for the glorious feminine touch.

TMPSET90GR- Temple Necklace Set

Temple Jewellery Designs

Classic, grand, and captivating. For people with long necks, this neckpiece is the perfect set. It brings structure to your entire wardrobe for that particular day. Furthermore, we know that emerald green is a regal colour, and this choker has multiple stuck to it.

TMPSET110GR- Temple Necklace Set

Temple Jewellery Designs

Unlike the above-mentioned SET, this choker is special because you can add it to other necklaces. It’s simple, elegant, and brings out the beautiful curve of your neck as it coils around it.

 Authentic Temple Jewellery Earrings

We’ve already mentioned the beautiful necklace SET that comes with their earrings. However, if you want to experiment or you are only interested in the beautiful earrings Mortantra offers.
Here are some of our personal favourites.

TMPEAR23P – Temple Earrings

Temple Jewellery Designs

The Ganesh murti earring is a beautiful, historical design; it’s reminiscent of the beautiful chisel work of shilpins. The pink gems give it a teardrop appearance, it’s a fun detail that adds to your wardrobe.

ME142 – Temple Earrings

Temple Jewellery Designs

This earring is literally, a tiny murti in earring form. The way the pink gemstones circulate the deity makes it a grand affair.

TMPEAR31 – Temple Earrings

Temple Jewellery Designs

For a classic, beautiful, garland-like earring, this is your best option. The white pearl-like beads are similar in design to a ghungroo. Moreover, you will look soft and your profile will look stunning whenever you look across the room.

TMPEAR626M – Temple Earrings

Temple Jewellery Designs

More so, the dangling intricate wirework also looks like a tiny chandelier, how beautiful would this look on your ear? We say, very.

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Temple Jewellery Designs are heavily inspired by temple architecture. It represents the rich history of India. In addition, it contains the most elaborate designs and intricate handcrafting techniques. We hope you will have found the best one most suitable for you, and keep coming back for more to expand into a beautiful collection.

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