20 Different Types Of Kisses To Try With Your Partner

A kiss is a innermost feeling to express how much you love and attached to that person. There are different types of kisses to show the emotions. The most obvious way parents express love is with warmth and affection. Touching or kissing of parents is as holy as the touch of Almighty. A affectionate lip kiss signifies a fond of attraction, promise and deep feeling for someone. It’s not that much easy to convey our message through kiss, but you can make it imaginative as much as you can for your loved ones.

Types Of Kisses

Here are the ways how to kiss tenderly and become a professor in kissing with these exclusive types of kisses:

1. French Kiss

Types Of Kisses

French kiss is also known as deep and most passionate kiss out of all the kisses. A romantic and divine feeling sets the scene for a kiss. First tilt your head and close your eyes then move your lips towards your partner. Gently touch and stretch the tongue of yours with your partner and feel the heavenly moments at least for 10 secs and finally you did it woah!

2. Single Lip Kiss

Types Of Kisses

One of the most amorous and romantic way to show what are the feeling inside you for them. Start by making eye contact and get closer to reach their lips. Softly start sucking their lips with a passion to express your eternal love. Grasp your partner’s lip in between your lips and feel the moment. But don’t bite if you are kissing for the first time this will destroy your positive image and gives a wildish side of yours.

3. Lizzy Kiss

A Lizzy kiss is a type of kiss when a couple kisses each other with their tongues stick out without touching their lips. But some people can understand it in cheap way, only the partners having mutual and intense feeling for each other can recognize the intimate love.

4. American Kiss

Types Of Kisses

American kiss is similar to French kiss which involves extensive kissing with the lips without using the tongue.
Start by going closer to her body by holding her waist tightly and bend her slightly to give support with your hand. Now feel the moment of love and vanish yourself into her.

5. Ice Kiss

Try this interesting kiss to have some fun with your partner. This type of kissing that would definitely give your partner goose bumps. Just hold a cube of ice between the lips of both the partners and start kissing. Kiss them intensely till the ice completely melt in your mouth.

6. Nibble Kiss

Want to induce your partner with a sweet kiss? Nibble kisses are adorable and It is the most sensuous type of kiss ever. You don’t have to do much just grasp your partner’s lower lip and bite the lip smoothly. But don’t bite roughly as it can hurt and destroy precious moment of yours.

7. Forehead Kiss

Types Of Kisses

A forehead kiss might not be a sensual kiss but it’s an adorable and caring kiss with sincerity. See the perfect timing and make a close contact with each other then just kiss them on forehead. It gives a sign for deeper and emotional connection with you.

8. Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kiss is a type of kiss when your eyelashes touches their eye lashes or face while you are sitting very close to each other. It is called butterfly kiss because it feels like they are kissed by butterfly wings.
It gives a fun and shows the purity towards our partner.

9. Lip-Gloss Kiss

All you need to put a flavored lip gloss of sufficient amount before your kissing and fiercely kiss your partner until their lips are coated with too. Choose the flavor of lip gloss according to your partner’s choice. May be you will find it something different from others but it will be a great fun.

10. Spider man Kiss

Types Of Kisses

The Spider man kiss is based on or inspired from a movie scene. You can do this kiss when you and your partner are in opposite direction while laying on bed or hanging. The upper lip of your partner touches lower lip of yours and vice-versa. It can be adventurous kiss with your partner.

11. Earlobe Kiss

Types Of Kisses

It is not necessary to kiss only on lips and cheeks but also you can kiss your partner on their ears. To get your partner excited and their attention start your closer move from ear to kiss or nibble it gently. It’s a worth trying to add some creativity to your kiss session. You never may be they will fall in love with you forever.

12. Hickey

Hickey is not considered as kiss but it is similar to kiss as a sign of love. Hickey is nothing but a red mark on skin when your partner bites or sucks the particular area harshly. It is also called love bites. You should take the permission while biting them may be it hurts or cause pain. But it’s quite a memorable sign for those who loves to do it.

13. Air Kiss

The air kiss is just like cheek kiss but here the lip does not touch the cheeks only the air of that cheek area is touched. Just make a kissing sound near the other cheeks. Air kiss is used as formal greetings in parties or normal meets.

14. Sugar Kiss

Kiss can also be romantic while eating snacks. If you and your partner loves sweet food items like chocolate, ice cream etc. then you can kiss each other while having the snacks until it melts in your mouth. This can be your sugar kiss with sugar like sweet memories.

15. Underwater Kiss

As the name suggests, kissing inside the water is called underwater kiss. If you and your partner both knows to swim and hold your breath inside the water for 2 secs then it’s a chance for you to enjoy sexual feeling with just a kiss. Here you hold your breath and your partner will give you the air and vice-versa. It will be a fascinating scene for lovebirds.

16. Vampire Kiss

If you want to make a sensual moment and get close to them as they are with their clothes then Vampire kiss can help to make a move for a start. Vampire kiss is a boundless kiss on someone’s neck which involves smooth sucking of some neck area. You can also bite them gently to make a love sign. Don’t forget to take the permission from your partner.

17. Vacuum Kiss

Vacuum kiss is the type of kiss in which sucking the oxygen from someone’s mouth. In this kiss, both the partners sucks the air from each other mouth and thus creates a vacuum. It is unique from the rest of the kisses but it can be worth trying if your feelings are undefined for someone.

18. Jawline Kiss

This is a simple kissing that can be sensual and romantic for a couple. Start by kissing the jawline or the area between neck and go along with neck, earlobes and other body parts if your partner allows you do so. Kiss them passionately to feel the priceless time.

19. Wet Kiss

May be your partner don’t like it. It is open-mouthed kiss using lips and tongue also. Get closer to your partner and start kissing them gently open-mouthed. While doing so, wetness may be turn on and also the kissing area will be wet. You can kiss if your partner is comfortable with you and make it more special do some other kissing with it.

20. Drink Kiss

Another unique kiss from others you can try with your bae. This is a one of type of kiss in which take a sip your favorite drink and pass it to your partner’s mouth while kissing. This is pretty one and fascinating to kiss your partner with a drink and make yourself drunk.

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