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Where to Keep 10 Different Forms of Buddha Statue as Per Home Vastu

Every person wants their house to look beautiful with a peaceful environment. Rooms with divine and fresh air give you a good and peaceful sleep at night. A day should start with a cheerful morning along with a calm mind but somehow this mental peace gets disturbed in the very morning. If you also feel the same thing, then it’s time to invite the statue of Buddha to every corner of your house. You all are very well aware of different statues of Buddha which confront different aspects of life.

Buddha Statue For Home
According to Vastu Shastra, the statue of Buddha brings good luck, Prosperity and is considered auspicious. It symbolizes serenity, peace, and enlightenment. The statue of Buddha plays a vital role in your life. It affects you mentally and brings harmony by placing it in different places in the home.

Here, on this page, you will get to know best places to spot different Statues of Buddha along with different gestures and their importance in an individual life.

1. Blessing Buddha Statue for Home

Buddha Statue at home

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Doesn’t this pose of Buddha bring peace to your mind? With one hand raised in the gesture of giving a blessing, it resembles that someone is there to protect you from evil eyes. This is the best statue to decorate your home. In this pose, the closed eyes of Buddha make you mentally strong and bring peace to your home.

Location– The best place to keep blessing Buddha is at the entrance to keep the disturbing element away from you and your family.

2. Nirvana Buddha

This statue of Buddha is named Nirvana Buddha. This figure depicts the Historical Buddha in the last moments of life on earth, entering Nirvana! Because the Buddha had gained enlightenment in this lifetime, the Buddha was able to escape the endless cycle of birth – death – rebirth (known as samsara) and was able to enter Nirvana. In this pose, the Buddha is always depicted lying on the right-hand side on top of a resting table.

Buddha Statue at home

It represents the state of freedom where Buddha reclines with no desire or personal wish and is released from the effect of karma and the cycle of rebirth. This helps in bringing internal Harmony to the person.

Location– Moreover this form of Buddha is best placed facing the west direction and reclined to the right.

3. Meditating Buddha Statue

Buddha Statue - Meditating Buddha

Meditation directly impacts your mental health and boosts your confidence. And this statue of Buddha helps in bringing inner peace to the person and uplifting concentration power. And the person feels less burdened and stressed out.

Location– The Blessing Buddha is best placed at any corner where you easily get a glance and get motivated with its presence. You can also prefer ‘Pooja Room’ as this is a great place to place a Meditating Buddha along with candles or incense sticks around it.

4. Bhumisparsha Buddha

Buddha Statue - Nirvana Buddha

Bhumisparsha is a Sanskrit word that means ‘touching the earth’. As the name implies, this Bhumisparsha Buddha shows the gesture of touching the earth and this mudra lets you observe the earth to help you to clear all the hurdles. This mudra is one of the most common gestures and iconic views.
In this statue, the Buddha is seated with its right hand lying over the right knee reaching the ground with an inward palm and the left hand lying on the lap with the palm facing upward.

Location – Bhumisparsha Buddha must be facing east towards the rising sun.

5. Praying Buddha

Buddha Statue at home

This is another statue of Buddha that is perfect for a pooja room. It is an ideal statue that represents spiritual thoughts and faith. The folded hands of Buddha and closed eyes show devotion and love while spreading positive energies. Moreover, you can light candles or incense sticks to create a good aura.

Location– It is believed that placing the Buddha below the eye level, disrespects the spirit of Buddha.

6. Buddha Statue for Home Garden

Buddha Statue

You can also place Buddha in your garden or balcony. ‘Beauty with peace’ is the best combo for a house with a garden or balcony.
It not only makes the appearance beautiful but also makes your garden look adorable and spreads the fragrance of the flower along with an auspicious and divine environment.

Location– Place these outdoor statues near a budding lotus flower or pond. Moreover, placing it in the vicinity of the flowering plant is best to symbolize growth and rejuvenation.

7. Buddha Head

Buddha Statue

This form of Buddha is a kind of art form which is often used to decorate the living room. Moreover, it symbolizes self-knowledge and radiates peace with happiness but does not depict any traditional spirit. It enlightens one’s wisdom and knowledge.

Location– The Buddha’s head is best placed in the living room or table but ensures to keep it at eye level or above.

8. Laughing Buddha Statue for Home

Buddha Statue

The Laughing Buddha is believed to be the monk of Chinese during the 10th century, called ‘Budai’. You can easily find it in every home, and you can also place it in areas like study tables or where you feel stressed and tense. It will bring a smile to your face and calms your mind. It reminds you to be happy and motivates.

Location– Mind to place the laughing Buddha in the east, facing inside the rooms. It attracts positivity and brings good fortune along with prosperity.

9. Buddha Painting on Wall

Buddha Statue

Paintings of Buddha on the walls not only make your rooms beautiful but also create a peaceful environment just by looking at them on the walls. There are several paintings or decals of Buddha, black & white or colourful and praying Buddha, reclining Buddha, whichever you prefer.

Location– Place the painting in the living room just at the main entrance.

10. Baby Buddha Statue

Buddha Statue

Baby Buddha attracts good forty, peace, and spreads a positive aura in the house. If your motive is to decorate the house, then this cute little monk Buddha is perfect and also preferred by most people. This statue symbolizes happiness. You can buy a group of Baby Buddha with different gestures like meditating, praying, blessing, or reclining Buddha.

Location– Gardens or living room is the best place for this little monk Buddha.

Points to be remembered.

  • Never place the statue of Gautam Buddha directly on the floor or near to the feet.
  • As mentioned several times, place the statue of Lord Buddha above or at eye level. It shows disrespecting a spiritual teacher.
  • Keep the areas around the statue of Buddha neat and clean. Apart from this, fire a candle or incense sticks to maintain the serenity.

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