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Protecting our enriched culture has become a necessity in recent decades. And why wouldn’t you want to preserve such a rich, beautiful, mesmerizing, and reflective culture? The art of Madhubani paintings no longer resides just on a canvas anymore. There are various traditional outfits that Madhubani paintings offer you to wear! This post will showcase some of the most beautiful and unique Madhubani hand painted blouse designs from the brand GUBBARO that tell stories from mythology or a festival.
Hand Painted Blouse Designs
This innovative and culture-saving platform was founded and created by National Award-winning Smt. Asha Jha. She has received a National Award in 2014 from the honourable president of India.
Dr. Pranab Mukherjee. Also, received State Award by the hon. chief mister of Bihar Nitish Kumar.
Smt Asha Jha - Gubbaro
Smt Asha Jha runs Madhubani paintings, a Bihar based ethnic label brand. Currently, this label gives employment opportunities to 100 to 150 women which helps them be economically independent.
Now, that you know quite about this culture-preserving label, let us see some of their most mesmerizing works!

Elegant Hand painted blouse designs

If you are looking for a blouse design that is not too over the top. And still helps to give you an elegant aura then, you should take a look at the image below! The sleeveless blouse is suitable for any formal traditional event and festival. The bottom pleated blouse can help you steal the limelight whenever you enter the room!

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

This Madhubani hand painted blouse design follows a minimal design style on a Dola silk fabric. The front and the back of the blouse depict lovely lanceolate leaves in the Madhubani style of painting.

Nature’s love is depicted in a Madhubani blouse!

The next blouse on our list today can be paired with any saree, or lehenga, or can even be worn as a top. We are sure that this blouse is bound to make you feel fabulous along with its nature-loving design.

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

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In the image above, you can see the blouse depicts the story of Surmai and her friends living in the freshwater. They live alongside the Lotus and her family. It can be interpreted that this blouse shows the love of living organisms and the entire ecosystem and that is what makes it so special!

From love, with a spark of Mithila!

The next Madhubani hand painted blouse design will make you smile with joy! The colour yellow is associated with auspicious occasions, happy times, and just pure bright light of positivity!

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

It also has a beautiful lady from Mithila hand painted on the back which will bring you a smile whenever you take a glance at it!

Radhe Krishna hand painted blouse design

How could we forget the companions for eternity – Radha and Lord Krishna when it comes to Madhubani style blouses? Take a look at the divine pair and their playfulness and we are sure that you would definitely want this blouse for yourself!

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

This blouse follows more earthy tones like the colour green, blue, and peach. And completes it with colourful Radha Krishna art! In the image below, you can see how playful and cheery Radha and Krishna are being with each other! You can style this blouse with any of your cotton sarees, and we are certain that you will fall in love with yourself!

Let the little Gudiyaa work her magic!

Perfect for your traditional events, the next blouse design is loved by everyone once they see it! It portrays the art of Mithila where people used to call the young girls of the house ‘Gudiyaa’ which means Dolls! It is a way of saying that their little girls are adorable and lovable like little dolls!

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

This brings us to this lovely hand painted blouse design! The delicate designs help in enhancing the blouse even better!

Intricate Madhubani designs on the blouse

Who cannot love this delightful Madhubani hand painted blouse design? It is a perfect blouse for people who love intricate detailing in their art forms! The Tussar silk cloth is hand painted with beautiful designs both on the front and back along with the sleeves of the blouse!

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

The sleeves are painted with some lovely Madhubani border patterns. While the shoulder is painted with leaves along with a peacock design. And finally, the blouse design is completed with an image of Lord Krishna applying Alta on the hands and feet of his beloved Radha!

Enchanting Vrindavan ki Gopiyan hand painted blouse designs!

Behold the enchanting Madhubani Hand painted blouse designs of all time! Just like every other blouse on our post today, this blouse is very special. It is because it depicts a lovely story of Gopis fetching water from the holy river of Ganga. They then take their pitchers of water home through the magical forest of Vrindavan.

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

The 3/4 length of the blouse makes it perfect for various festivals and formal events. And the detailed Madhubani design which is hand painted over the Tussar silk fabric makes it even more beautiful!

Simplistic blouse design

The next design is for people who love simplistic designs! Take a look at the elegant and charming Madhubani style of blouse design. It is suitable to match your western trousers and even jeans! It will always look beautiful on your sarees too.

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

The minimal designs on the blouse help in bringing out the simplicity in it! You can pair the blouse with some bold earrings and some bangles to complete your outfit!

Behold the power of Goddess Durga

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

For the next blouse design, we have the power of Goddess Durga! It depicts the well-known story of Mahisasur Mardan, done by Goddess Durga. This makes it a perfect choice for this Durga pooja! Along with Maa Durga, you can see Lord Ganesh and Lord Karthikeya on the blouse. And the borders have fierce Lion and Trishul designs depicted.

Sandoori: Madhubani blouse design

Hand Painted Blouse Designs

And for the last blast of the day, we bring you the Sandoori creation of the Madhubani blouse design! Take a look at the minimal and feminine blouse! The saree is a perfect look for this year’s Durga Pooja with its artistic designs. This is a Laal Paad handloom piece just for you!

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