Face Toner Benefits, When to Use It, and How to Apply It

Face is the index of mind. Good looks are often perceived to be associated with smartness and intelligence. Hence healthy glowing skin is a very necessary thing. They say, “first impression lasts long”. This first impression is our looks and body language. Looks, if we talk about it, are pretty much related to skin care. Body language is confidence and good posture. The most basic skin care to be followed is CTM. Where ‘C’ stands for cleanser, ‘T’ stands for toner and ‘M’ stands for moisturizer. Most of us are quite familiar with cleanser and moisturizer. Toner is the prime concern. Let’s learn about using toner for face.

Toner for Face

In this article important things, we will learn are

  1. What is a face toner
  2. How to choose the right one
  3. When to apply on skin
  4. How to apply
  5. Most importantly the benefits

So, what is a facial toner? Toner is watery consistency and is filled with essential skin care ingredients that are very helpful in eliminating various skin problems when used properly.  The most dominant work of toner on face is removing dead and dry upper layer of skin which hides our actual glow. Hydration is inclusive in this. So, what a toner does is cleansing without rendering the skin dry and scaly.

Cleanser and toner- how they differ and still work together

You must be wondering, then what is the use of cleanser? Cleansers remove dust and oils from relatively upper layers. Most cleansers don’t get deep into pores and hence can’t provide deep cleaning. They also can make skin dry. Toner meanwhile due to thin and watery consistency can get into deep pores and clean them bringing out a healthy and radiant look on face. But toner for face alone without prior use of cleanser can’t work efficiently. Hence both are our area of concern during skin care.

How to choose the right one

Toner for face also like any other skin care product have to be chosen according to skin type and texture. Different skins have different needs. The needs are to be fulfilled accordingly. Always find a toner that matches the ingredients required for your skin concerns.

  • Oily skin– Oily skin has to be the most problematic skin type ever. Excess oil and sebum secretion leads to clogged and enlarged pores along with acne and dull looking skin. Facial toner is a boon to such skin type. People with this skin type should go for toner with alpha or beta hydroxyl acids such as glycolic acid or salicylic acid which will help remove excess oil and maintain it oil free for some time without making it dry. These toner for face also will reduce appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines.
  • Dry skin– Dry skins get damaged easily. Appearance of wrinkles and spot marks is the easiest here. Use of inappropriate toner can lead to some serious skin breakouts and damages here. This skin needs a toner for face with Hyaluronic acid which has excellent ability to hydrate skin for long. Hyaluronic acid has soothing effect on skin and can bring down irritation and red patches caused by dryness.
  • Dull skin– Dullness can happen in any skin type. Dullness is mainly caused by pollution and suntan which leads to accumulation of dust and dead skin cells, hiding the natural skin. Toner with natural salicylic acid and/or vitamin c essence are really helpful to them. While salicylic acid removes the unwanted dull layer, vitamin c removes spots and gives a healthy shine.
  • Sensitive skin– Sensitive skin reacts the worst to the wrong products. A mild imbalance in constituent ingredients can cause a lot of trouble here. They react to wrong products with redness, puffiness, skin patches, irritation and many more. They require somewhat gentle toner preferably having rose water, aloe-vera or chamomile in it that has been proven to calm and soothe skin. Hydration here is also a massive concern which can be overcome with hyaluronic acid.
  • Acne prone skin– This condition is mostly associated with oily skin, but dry and normal skin are also no exception to this. Acne prone skin needs serious care as they can lead to more painful breakouts. Acne also causes swelling and red spots. To tackle these problems a toner for face with zinc or witch hazel are required. Tea tree extracts are also really helpful.

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When to apply

Toner is to be applied just after cleaning face. Pat dries your face with clean cloth preferably cotton cloth to remove all the water from face. Cleaning opens the pores, which is why toner are used immediately after it.

How to apply

Take a clean cotton bulb and dampen with the required amount of toner. Also remember to shake the toner bottle before to get an evenly spread mixture. Now apply the cotton with toner on face in circular upward motion. Keep focus on areas which are exposed more like cheeks, temples, chin and nose. You will see dark coloured deposition on cotton which are the impurities which could not be removed by cleanser.

Things to remember

Don’t apply the toner harshly. You may think that scrubbing more will lead to better cleaning, but that’s completely wrong. It will hurt the natural skin barrier and will lead to irritation and redness. Regular harshness may even lead to vein appearance and skin aging.

Benefits of using toner for face

  • Pore minimizing effect

We read earlier that toner help reduce the appearance of pores. Skin pores are common. We all have skin pores through which sweat, sebum and oil are secreted. The pores might be enlarged due to exfoliating, cleaning or excess oil secretion. Their enlarged appearance can be maintained by using toner regularly after washing face.

  • Impurity removal

Impurities can be both intrinsic and extrinsic. Our cells secrete unwanted foreign substances through our pores. The increasing pollution in air has led to serious skin damages. These impurities can be removed by using toner.

  • Increased absorption of other products

The impurities form a barrier on skin which prevents absorption of other skin care products. Toner removes this barrier layer thus helping products get absorbed effectively.

  • Protection

Dead cells and dust along with sun tanned cells are the major cause of skin problems. Excess oil and sebum also lead to more tanning and attraction of dust. These problems are eliminated with the help of facial toner.

  • Anti-aging

Toner tightens the skin by reducing pore appearance. The large open pores make skin look old and dull eventually leading to fine lines and wrinkles. The intrinsic secretion also increases multiple folds due to modern day alarming pollution levels. The problem of hyper pigmentation has increased due to UV rays. Modern problems require modern solutions and hence toner is quite effective in anti-aging.

Tips – Don’t forget to moisturize after using toner. It will penetrate into skin better and provide longer hours of hydrated skin. Also use SPF after wards to prevent sun damage. Toner will remove the already caused damage and SPF will protect from further damages. This will give your skin a natural dose of beauty.

Answering some frequent arising queries

  • Is it safe to use toner on face post medical or parlour treatments?

Yes, toner can be used after waxing, shaving or laser treatments. In fact, toner will help in relaxing the skin after such treatments which may have caused temporary irritation. Remember not to rub much.

  • Can toner be used every day?

Toner can be used daily after cleansing as a routine skin care. Make sure the alcohol content in your toner is preferably small to reduce skin breakage.

  • Is toner safe for every type of skin?

Toner for face is equally beneficial for all skin types. They may work for different problems on different skin but all they do is help you get glowing. Always remember to choose your toner according to skin type and issues.

  • Should we use toner even if our skin has no problem?

It is really good if you have normal skin without any apparent problems. But pollution and dust are always there. To prevent any future skin hazards you should add toner to your skin care routine.

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