Vipakka by Mitali collaborates and works with artisans across India to reinvent the thousand years old art forms like Patachitra and Dokra art. The brand is on a mission to make the Indian art forms popular among the modern day customers.

The range comprises of hand-painted kurtis in cotton and silk, hand woven by a master weaver or painted by the patient hands of a palm leaf painter, at other times embroidered in iridescent bronze and silver filaments, stoles and dupattas for every season and no reason, resplendent saris that slow down your pace to a graceful gait, reams of multihued block print fabrics, accessories and jewelry fashioned in beads, handcrafted stone pendants, agate stone, patachitra wooden pendant and terracotta then stringed in psychedelic colors.

Each of their product tells a story! A story of extraordinary craft that forms a sustainable livelihood for entire communities.

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Phone: +91 – 9902477077