A Must Visit For Maheshwari Saree Lovers – Rehwa Society

Rehwa Society was established in 1979, by Richard and Sally Holkar as a weaver’s cooperative in Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh. The non-profit organization is well known for its Maheshwar sarees, in silk and cotton.

 The weaving history at Maheshwar dates back to 17th century during Maharani Ahilyabai Holkar’s dynasty. She brought in weavers from Surat and established them at Maheshwar, to weave special sarees for the royal family.

The Society was founded by the royal couple Richard Holkar and his wife Sally Holkar to revive the art form and create a livelihood for the weavers. Over the years the society has expanded to 250 weavers, most of them women and 110 looms and has established its fame with amazing Maheshwari sarees in cotton and silk.

The place has also got its name on Trip Advisor and NatGeo Traveller as one of the top destination to visit for fabric and clothing lovers.

You can visit Rehwa Society outlet at Dastkar Nature Bazaar, Mehrauli, Delhi.

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