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10 Ethereal Bangle Collections by The Hazoorilal Legacy That Will Take Your Breath Away In The First Gaze!

The Hazoorilal Legacy has been following the Indian heritage by crafting it into their jewelry pieces while they mix it with the modern charm, for the past 65 years. And it is the fruition of their hard work and brilliance that today they have become one of the most renowned jewelry brands not only in India but in the whole world. To spread their charm and glory further among people we have brought forth today, some of their most terrifically designed bangles. Here goes the glorification of the ones who deserve it, the Hazoorilal Legacy:

1. The Subtle Diamond Bangles from the Legacy Collection

Made with the finest and the most precious diamonds from around the world, these subtle diamond bangles from the Hazoorilal Legacy Collection are a result of the fine traditional Indian craftsmanship that has been here for ages and of the modern variations it has brought with it with the expenditure of all these years.

2. Statement Gold Bangles

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These are pure gold bangles crafted in fine polki work and design with the help of fine craftsmanship and modern techniques. These will serve as a legacy carrier not just for you but for many more generations to come.

3. The Karva Chauth Bangles

These are an exclusive pick from Hazoorilal Legacy’s Karva Chauth Collection which will be a perfect gift for every wife from her husband. These have been crafted in fine kundankari along with a line of ghunghrus completing the enigma in these pure gold bangles. These are here to shine bright in every newlywed’s hands.

4. The Bridal Pearl and Polki Bangles

Made from fine pearls and enigmatic polki work these bangles will be a treasure in every bride’s wardrobe and will become one of her sweetest wedding memories a few years down the lane.

5. The Navratri Bliss


Made in the colour of Pink with fine rubies and diamonds this bangle is a Navratri exclusive in the celebration of the festivity of Goddess Durga, as pink is the colour which celebrates tenderness, beauty, and compassion and will make you look like your most beautiful self.

6. The Peacock Bangle

Made with fine gemstones like diamonds, this peacock bangle is a fine embodiment of the charm and the rich beauty radiated by you and the Hazoorilal Legacy.

7. The Legacy of Diamond Bangles

These are a fine specimen of jewels from the Legacy of Diamonds collection by the Hazoorilal Legacy that finely radiate the finesse with which they have been created with beautiful diamonds brought together as such a fine jewel.

8. The Grace of Diamonds and Emeralds


These bangles can be seen as radiating glam as they have been created using the finest of diamonds and emeralds from around the world brought together with utmost finesse in such a beautiful design with the help of the fine craftsmanship of the Hazoorilal Legacy.

9. The Gold and Diamond Bracelet Bangle

Emitting grace and prosperity, this bangle has been designed by the legacy maintainers of the Hazoorilal Legacy with the combination of pure gold, blissful diamonds, and fine emeralds, reflecting glam and beauty with every intricacy.

10. The Kundan Gold Bangles

These bangles have been meticulously handcrafted in twenty-two-carat gold keeping in mind all the intricacies that it owns and has been accentuated with fine Kundan craftsmanship to bring out its beauty in such a worthy form.

These were select pieces of jewelry as bangles from one of the most loved Jewellery legacy, the Hazoorilal Legacy. We hope you liked these!

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