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How To Make Rosewater With Fresh Flowers and Their Benefits

Don’t use chemical filled rosewater available in market. Instead learn how to make rosewater at home.

Roses are red or maybe pink but they cure all your skin problems in a blink. We all know how magical rose water is and it has a lot many benefits for the skin. Rosewater cures our all skin problem but do you know most of the rose water available in the market is made from chemicals and are artificial rosewater not pure. These products are not good for regular use.

How To Make Rose Water

So it is better to make your own rose water which will cost you from 0 to 10 rupees for a jar full of rose water. Isn’t it great? First of all, it is chemical-free, no hidden ingredients, and is pure like the soul of a baby.
But before learning how to make rosewater let’s just know the benefits of rosewater on your skin.

Benefits Of Rosewater

1. Tones your skin

Most people don’t know that rose water is the best in the business. First of all, it is natural, second, it is herbal and it can easily tone your skin. What else do you want? It makes your cleansing, toning, and moisturizing process easy.

2. Reduces Sunburns

Were you out in the sun for a very long time and got sunburns? Don’t worry, because rose water is coming for the rescue. The cooling properties and anti-inflammatory properties of rose water help to heal your skin and reduce sunburn. So next time don’t panic if you got sunburns, just remember rose water.

3. Cleans your pore

The time you step out of your house, pollution is ready to attack your skin. It can clog your pores with oil and dirt. But one wipe of rose water can make your skin oil-free and dirt leaving your skin refreshed. It comes in handy and will surely become your best friend from the first use.

4. Hydrates your skin

Our skin needs hydration but because of the use of products, our skin becomes dry instead of getting hydrated. Rosewater helps to hydrate your skin and also helps in skin tightening.

5. Maintains pH balance of your skin

Our skin is slightly acidic and using more chemical products makes the condition worse which leads to breakout and acne. Rosewater has an anti-inflammatory property that kills the acne-causing bacteria and helps to maintain the pH of the skin.

6. Reduce Puffiness

We have to work late at night and there we get less sleep. Because of this, we wake up with puffy eyes which makes our skin dull. Rosewater helps to reduce the puffiness and helps to hydrate the skin beneath your eyes. It will also make your skin refreshed.

7. Soothes your eyes

Our eyes tend to get irritated with the excessive use of mobile and computers or even television. It gets red and has a burning sensation. With a little use of rose water, the redness and irritation will vanish and will give a cooling sensation to the eyes.

8. Moisturises lips

Our lips are very tender and should be moisturized frequently. Rosewater not only helps to moisturize our lips but also makes them soft like a baby. It gives your lips natural pink color.

9. Skin Tightening

It helps in skin tightening and slowing the skin aging process. It has herbal properties which make the skin bright and tight which results in your looking skin.

10. Improve skin texture

Its natural properties help to improve skin texture and look young. It also helps to increase the softness of the skin.

Don’t you think it has many benefits and it is also natural which makes it the best in the market? Now must be eager to know how to make rose water at home which is pure and chemical-free. So, let’s just see how to make rose water at home.

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Process To Make Rosewater at Home

How To Make Rose Water

You will need

  • 10-15 rose petals
  • Distilled water or Boiled water
  • Glass or High quality plastic jar
  • Spray bottle


  1. First of all, if you have purchased the roses then wash them at least 5-6 times and if you have roses at home then wash them 2-3 times so that any dust particle or any residue will be washed off.
  2. Now, take distilled water and let it simmer on low heat. If you don’t have distilled water then boil the tap water at high flame and then let it simmer on low heat. ( Running tap water contains bacteria that can harm your skin so you should boil it properly).
  3. Now add 10-15 rose petals in the shimmering water at low flame and let them be inside the water until the rose petals become colorless. You should add water just to cover the rose petals completely and not more.
  4. Close the lid of the container inside which you are making your rose water.
  5. Once the petals become colorless, switch off the flame and put the water in a jar with the help of a strain as well as set aside petals from the water. ( Use jar made up of glass or high-quality plastic and not in metals because it will react with water.)
  6. Once you failed the jar with fresh rose water, keep it inside the refrigerator to cool down.
    Keep the rose water inside the refrigerator for 3-4 days after making it and then you should use it on your skin.
  7. You can put it in a spray bottle and take it anywhere you want.

Voilà your pure and herbal rose water is ready to use. Have a skin problem, let the rosewater heal it.

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