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Beauty Benefits of Using Ghee For Face and Ways To Use

Ghee or Clarified Butter is an Indian Traditional food item. This Divine item has been the part and parcel of Indian culinary for more than 5000 years. Isn’t that just amazing? There are hundreds and thousands of Indian recipes where you’ll find the traces of Ghee. Now, we all are aware of the fact of health benefits of Ghee but wouldn’t you like to know some of the coolest benefits of Ghee for a face? Yeah, you do, so sit back and enjoy this informative journey to know something novel about Ghee and the benefits of Ghee for Face!

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Why is Ghee called Ghee?

We all have been calling this thick nectar Ghee ever since we were little kids. It was what was taught by our parents who were taught by their parents and this goes generations back. But have you ever wondered why we call it that?

Our ancestors were extremely brilliant, for everything that they did there used to be a scientific and logical explanation for it. The word Ghee originates from the melodious and resourceful language of Sanskrit. In Sanskrit, the word Ghee originates from the word, “Ghrta” which means to sprinkle. And isn’t that exactly what we do with Ghee? Indians in a majority of their cuisine sprinkle Ghee on top of their food after it’s cooked and then mix it thoroughly.

History of Ghee

Now that you are aware of the origin of Ghee’s name let’s learn some of its histories. In ancient India, around 1500-500 BCE people had begun with the cattle rearing occupation. The population used to be scarce and the milk that was produced was in much higher quantity than the population. There were no proper means through which people would be able to preserve milk for future consumption as the milk begins to rot quickly.

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Seeing this as a major issue, people began to thicken this milk and reduce it right up till the matter that remained was nothing but clarified butter, which is your Ghee. This matter would be easily preserved and could be consumed for a longer period. Thus, was the origin of the homemade rich Ghee.

In the ancient texts, there has been a mention that the food which is cooked in Ghee is to be considered as Pakka or properly cooked food which is of rich quality and the food which is not cooked in Ghee is to be considered as Kaccha or raw food.

You are now fully packed with some quick go-through knowledge about Ghee and since you are more intrigued than ever to know how to use Ghee for face let’s not make you wait anymore!

Super Amazing Benefits of Ghee for Face

1. To Reduce Dark Spots

Dark spots not only appear bad on your beautiful face but at the same time, they negatively affect your skin’s health.

These dark spots may appear small in size in the initial stages but the real problems start when they start to get out of hand and grow in large numbers. Then there would be no stopping them. So, it is better to curb them in the initial stages only, where their power is very low and so are the damages.

How To Prepare Ghee Mask For Face

You need to take ½ teaspoon of pure Ghee, besan, and mix it with raw milk. You can take any milk but generally, it is preferred to take cow’s milk. Mix this solution and apply the paste to your dark spots. Gently massage the applied area and let the paste soothe your skin. Wash off with lukewarm water and start to see the magical results right from day 1!

2. To Reduce The Aging Effects

Our lifestyle is becoming hectic day by day. The overall pressure will soon start to take a toll on your skin’s age and it is necessary to take care of it before it becomes too late.

Pure Ghee will help you in reducing the aging effects with its full capacity and what’s the best part is that this process is completely organic and you don’t need to go for any heavy chemically induced treatments for which they charge you thousands and they still have side effects.

How To Use Ghee For Aging Effects

Just apply the natural mixture of Ghee and Coconut oil to your face. Leave for 10 minutes then wash off and see the simplicity work its best!

3. Moisturize your skin with Pure Ghee

Ghee is an all-rounder. Be it the kitchen, medicine, or even your skin, you can rely on Ghee any day. Just as you can rely on Ghee to moisturize your skin like no other moisturizer can.

How To Use Ghee For Face

Rub Ghee gently on your dry skin right before you sleep and continue with your regular skincare routine in the morning.

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4. Get Rid of Dry and Chapped Lips

No costly lip scrub or lip balm will work the way Ghee would work for your lips. Lip caring becomes a handful of a task, especially during cold winter months. Your lips become chapped and crack, in worse cases, they bleed too. When you apply these chemically induced products to your lips you are doing no good to them.

Lips are one of the most sensitive parts of your body. So, it is really damaging to them when you apply these harsh products on them. Instead, you can go with the healthy alternative of Ghee.

How To Use Ghee For Lips

Massage your chapped lips with Pure Ghee every night right before you sleep and see the results from within a week!

5. The Glowing Skin Waits For You!

Ghee is filled with natural goodness and it would be really beneficial if you use pure Ghee. The stressful lifestyle soon begins to affect the health and shine of our faces. The hectic schedules result in less sleep, more work, and even more stress. The question that arises is how to reverse these damages? Well, the answer lies within our kitchen- the sacred fat, Ghee!

How To Prepare Ghee Mask For Glowing Skin

All you gotta do is apply the paste of Ghee and Honey to your face and massage it gently. This mask will soon settle on your skin and will give you a soothing effect. After a few minutes, you can cleanse the paste with lukewarm water and Voila! You’ll witness bright and glowing skin!

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