12 Clever and Space Saving Bedroom Storage Ideas 

People spend lakhs on the interior to make their home look stylish and elegant but somehow forget to consider the most important aspect of the furniture, which is storage. In certain situations, where your house is quite small in terms of area and you want to have well-occupied storage, you might have to adjust with space. Because most of the store occupies a great amount of space in your house, unless and until you go for certain effective storage plans. Bedrooms can be said as the messiest part of our house, where everything seems helter-skelter.

Moreover, if you have a small bedroom without an adequate closet it would lead to a pile of clothes everywhere. In such cases, things might go haywire when guests suddenly arrive at your house.
So if you’re planning to have bedroom storage ideas something which would replace your regular closet and yet look stylish then consider the following ideas:-

Top 12 Bedroom Storage Ideas

1. Pair Up Smart Units

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Don’t be afraid to try something new, combine different types of wardrobe combinations, and get your desired outcome. A vertical shelf and clothing rack paired up would become an ultimate add-on to your bedroom and a superb alternative to your regular and ordinary closet. Less space, more storage space, and stylish, what else do you need?.

2. Use Your Bedframe

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Your bedroom storage ideas can also be concealed from your sight by snuggling them into your bed frame. You can use Brown Wicker Baskets to store your clothes or other items like shoes, bags, also your books or toys in them. They would look stylish enough at the first glimpse and would be almost unnoticed when you cover your bed with a blanket. Utilize the space to make your room more cluster-free. You can make a customized bed with enough space under it, for your storage.

3. Invest In A Clothing Rack

Bedroom Storage Ideas

It’s okay if you don’t have enough space to install an entire closet in your bedroom because you can always go for a clothing rack that would fit anywhere in your room. The perks about it are that it can hold and occupy most of your stuff. You can hang your clothes, ties, handbags, footwear and other jewelry as well. Also, they will remain visible to you every time, making it easier for you to choose your outfit of the day or night. You can self-customize it or order it online. It’s affordable and sustainable as well.

4. Go Behind Your Bed

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas

In most cases, the wall behind your bed is empty, unless and until you decide to have a large-sized painting of yours to admire yourself. You can utilize the space and turn it into a mini closet. It would also bring out a classy and colorful look to your bedroom. It’s one of the best storage ideas which gives you adequate storage for your clothes as well as is stylish. You can easily decide your outfit for the next day while you’re going to sleep.

5. Lift Your Bed Up

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Instead of trying to slide crates and boxes underneath your bed and making it a cluster over there, go for a lift-up bed. Try to shop for or make a customized bed with enough space for storage. However, lifting your bed every day can turn out to be monotonous. But it’s a good deal for storing your occasional or seasonal outfits like sweaters, raincoats, or wedding outfits which you don’t wear regularly. It will save so much of your bedroom space, thus making it look spacious.

6. Try A Branch

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Well, it definitely might seem an odd idea but is worth try. You will surely find an abandoned branch anywhere in your locality. If you find it, then grab it and bring it to your home. After refurbishing it, you can make its use as a rustic rack. Install it anywhere in your bedroom and you can hang your clothes, scarves, and jewelry onto it. And if you don’t wanna go searching for a branch, then you can easily order Branch Rack Online. It will make your bedroom look cooler.

7. Try An Open Closet

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Go for an open closet if you’re trying to keep yourself well organized. And open closet looks stylish and elegant in its managed properly. A Pile of clothes just dumped up in the closet would make it look shabby. The open closet offers great storage provided you must learn to organize it properly. Pick up some new habits while renovating your bedroom, by installing an open closet. You can easily buy it in stores or online, as per your preference.

8. Utilize Your Wall

Bedroom Storage Ideas

Everyone has that one wall in their house, which is plain, without any designs or any photo frames hanged upon it. It’s just there, looking plain and unexciting. To make it look more glamorous as well as to make use of it, you can covert it and use it as your wardrobe. Just install a shelf at the top, along with a rod that would enable you to hang your clothes and a couple of drawers to keep other essentials, and your wardrobe is ready. Ideal usage of the wall would enable you to keep your bedroom neat and clean. It will also look stylish. You can also construct it with the help of a carpenter or else purchase it online.

9. Use Savvy Curtains

Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you think that curtains are only for windows then maybe you’re wrong. Curtains can prove to deceptive enough when used properly. The space behind your bed or at a corner of your bedroom can be used as storage. But the problem arises that, it will make your room look more untidy and messy. Well, you can use curtains to cover it up. Some Savvy and Stylish curtains are pretty useful to hide your mess and also suit your room.

10. Store Shoes Vertically

Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you’re a shoe lover and love to have a collection of footwear but don’t have enough space in your house then this might be the perfect choice for you. Tired of your mother’s threat of throwing away shoes just because of lack of space, then utilize the available space in your room with the help of a ladder. A ladder kept vertically won’t occupy much of your room space. As well as it would allow you to keep your shoes as well as heels on it efficiently. Don’t worry about it looking shabby, once your footwear is placed on it, it will look dapper.

11. Use Your Corner

Bedroom Storage Ideas

There are many abandoned corners in our house which we are rusting with dust. Be more creative if you lack space in your room for a closet. Use these corners to hang your clothes with the help of a rod. Less hectic and much effective. It will also help you show off your favorite attires to the guests coming home. Say bye-bye to chairs and say hello to these new corner mini closets. You can buy the tension rod online or at any store and easily fit it in your house. It’s quite affordable.

12. Utilize Clever Clips

Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you’re someone who owns a ton of scarves or coats or jackets but doesn’t have enough space to store your precious collection. Then you can utilize the clever clips by sticking them on a wall. This system won’t take any of your floor space. It will also help you to cover the bare wall at your house and would help you to always have an eye on your clothes. Thus, would help you to decide which ones to keep and which ones to throw just because you’re not using them. In this way, it would also help you get rid of the unused clothes, rather than stocking them up in your closet.

If you’re planning to give your bedroom a transformation or looking for ideas to make your room more spacious, then you must consider the above bedroom storage ideas.

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