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Traditionally Handcrafted Temple Jewellery Pieces For Brides

Check out the Traditonally Handcrafted Temple Jewelley for Brides

Temple Jewellery is one of the classiest pieces that a Bride can wear on her big day. These regal ornaments have a long history dating back to ancient India. People in ancient times used to beautify the idols of various Gods and Goddesses with the help of these Temple Jewelry. In the upcoming years, the Royal families of the princely states, who ruled at that time also designed such heavy Jewellery for themselves.

Temple Jewelery - Tikli

You must have seen in the historic paintings and artifacts the evidence of the ancient Indian heritage. Take the example of the Historic Kingdom of Vijayanagar, Temple Jewellery has also made its name there. People used to adorn various types of jewels like Gold bangles, necklaces, Kamarbands, Bajubands, etc. People in the Chola Dynasty also have the golden touch of these Temple Jewellery. The designs of various gods and goddesses can be seen in the historical evidence dug from different excavations.

These are made up of various metals but in most cases, we see the Gold, Platinum, and Silver as the traditional choices. Nowadays, Brides have the opportunity to even choose from various other Stones like pearls, emeralds, Rubies, Panna, and even Diamonds! Isn’t that amazing?

One can see various Motifs of Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Goddess Laxmi among others. Apart from that, one can see a large number of auspicious symbols like the flower of Lotus, Majestic Peacock, Swans among others. It is believed that the brides who wear this designed jewelry bring prosperity, wealth, and good health with them. They are the symbols of purity, richness, and prosperity. So, without further delay, let’s dive into the best Traditionally Handcrafted Temple Jewellery Pieces for Brides.

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1. Celeb Temple Jewellery Love

Not only us but even Celebs seem to have fallen in love with these traditionally handcrafted treasures. Look at the Bollywood’s lovebirds Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh dressed up to nines for their visit to a south Indian temple.

temple jewellery - Deepika Padukone

We adore the regal look Deepika is sporting here. It is an excellent choice to pair Jhumkas, Choker type necklace, and a long necklace with a bright red Saree. The heavy bangles truly pair with the traditional Indian look the Padmavati actress is trying to make.


Temple Jewellery

2. Traditional Beauty of a South Indian Bride

Temple Jewelery For South Indian Bride

If you are planning to go for a full-on traditional wedding then why not go for a full-on Traditional Bridal Look? The sheer beauty of a South Indian bride would be wearing a Maang tikka, Nose rings, Crafted Earrings, a heavy necklace, Bangles, and a royal designed Kamar Band. Don’t forget to pair it with the world-famous hair accessory Judas!

3. Long Jadas the secret to the Bride’s Glowing Look

If you have graceful, long hair, then opting for a Jada of the same height as your hair is recommended for you. Judas is the traditional hair accessory opted for by brides on their wedding day. These are Handcrafted and have various designs in them.

Temple Jewellery

The most popular include the majestic Elephant, Goddess Laxmi, and the Graceful Peacock. We would love to see future brides wear this stunning Traditional Hair Piece.

4. Pair with Lovely Flowers!

It would add a sparkle to your already gorgeous dress to add up a Jada with it and while you are at it don’t forget to style up your hair with white flowers!

Temple Jewellery

White Flowers are the symbol of Purity, Kindness, and Warmth. They symbolize you wishing for the peace and harmony of your new family. It will be a great honor for your future in-laws if you style your hair with white flowers.

Some Brides also choose to style their hair with pink and yellow flowers. They symbolize joy and love.

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5. Short Temple Jewellery Necklace

Temple Jewellery For Bride

6. Radiant look for the Bride to be

Temple Jewellery For Bride

7. The One with the Heavy Pendant

Temple Jewellery For Bride
Jewelry Brand: Vrddhi

8. Choker type Temple Jewellery Piece

Temple Jewelery
Jewelry Brand: Vrddhi

9. Classy Mid Length Necklace with Jhumkas

Temple Jewellery For Bride
Jewelry Brand: Vivah Bridal Collections

South Indian brides have been in love with these Temple Jewelleries. Not only they are beautiful but also they give you the Apsara the look. All brides wish to shine bright like a night star on the day of their weddings and Temple jewelry helps in achieving that look.

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