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Coolest and Stylish Fashion Trends For Women in 2020

Fashion is an unspoken language used by individuals to communicate their identities and preferences. A myriad of factors affects these choices, such as demographic, choices, wealth, exposure and so on. Designer labels and fashion houses majorly affect a person’s aesthetic. They manifest novel designs and patterns for people to choose from. Women’s fashion dresses have witnessed a large shift in 2020. They have taken a more sensual turn. Even with sweatpants becoming a daily uniform, fashion buffs have given it a gusto.

Women Fashion Trend - Tikli

Dresses for girls have seen a more prevailing favouring for scintillating patterns and colours. They have ditched pastels for a more age-alike colour scheme. Women’s fashion dresses coupled with other styles are nevertheless on the rise. The pandemic has left a major room for shopping and entertainment. Leaving fashion aficionados to keep acquainted with evolving trends.

Clothing Trends

1. Lacy and feminine dresses

Lacy and feminine dresses have captured the world by storm. Their former association to being strictly used as a wedding gown fabric is now shattering. Their flirty silhouettes give a wearer an expansion of self-confidence and autonomy. They are not austere and uncomfortable and most come in white. Reservations about a wine spill or sullying the garment is a subject of the past.

2. Eccentricity

Eccentricity is here to stay. The preceding few years have normalised larger-than-life trends like neon colours, print on print fashion and vivid tailoring. There is something invigorating about these looks that severs bonds with a mundane look. A riposte from the classic looks is a much-needed aesthetic.

3. Monotone

Monotone looks are creating quite the buzz. Their simplicity and versatility make them a colossal success. Even though neutral palettes make a strong case, pastels are winning equal hearts.

4. Hemlines

The feminine hemlines in dresses are flitting to shorter and more sensational looks. Women are donning more leggy dresses. Metallic fabrics and bolder looks are braced by fashion houses like Gucci and Christopher Kane.

5. Animal prints

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Zebra stripes, snake prints and other animal motifs are luring their way back in. From dresses to coats there is an influx of these prints. For the first time, men are embracing these prints.

6. Neutral and mellow colour palettes

Neutral and mellow colour palettes are exceedingly becoming. They have unmatched integrity and can outperform most looks.

7. Faux leather

Faux leather is prolific in copious amounts. There is a diminishing gap between men’s and women’s fashion. Regardless of the gender, faux leather has found its way among pants, jackets, boiler suits and boots.

8. Cropped blazers

Fashion Trends For Women

Cropped blazers are a skilful juxtaposition of formal and informal. They make for a spiffy outfit and suggest a cinch at the waist.

9. Bras are overthrowing tops

Their flawless fits give an envious shape to the body and slim it down. People are carrying them beneath blazers, cardigans or by themselves.

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Shoes And Accessories

  1. Square toe heels are a snazzy welcome. Their penchant for being multifaceted is a major takeaway. They appear in many colours and heel sizes.
  2. Heels being worn above clothes is an extensive sight. It can enhance the outfit and hit a refresh button of those strappy heels.
  3. With the evolution of athleisure, sneakers have captivated many people. Being spiffy and comfortable is an unparalleled joy that all genders are enjoying unanimously. We can style them with essentially all outfits and have an affinity for looking splendid, anyway.
  4. Chunky or combat boots prompt a very 90s vibe. And we know the 90s are majorly making a resurgence. They are typically styled with dresses.
  5. Bucket hats have the coolest element of fashion to themselves. They can instantly tweak up any look and go with everything.
  6. Chunky is a word that has expanded even to accessories. Large necklaces, earrings and all things gold is the way to carry forward.
  7. Bucket style bags of the 1930s have made a comeback with newer sensibilities and appeal. Their neutrality makes them a loved accessory and is exceedingly pragmatic too.


Fashion styles are constantly evolving, but people should remain with outfits that feel flattering to them. Being fashion-forward is not a prerequisite in every style. The best plan to stay abreast with styles is reading magazines, following social media handles and maintaining a tab on the latest designer shows. They give us an overarching view considering the most pertinent fashion news.
Having favourite fashion icons again helps. Drawing inspiration from them and other places will help a person in keeping up to date. Assembling a look can often be a complex task. Individuals can turn to applications like Pinterest, which contribute informative looks to ease this task.

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