Olive Oil For Hair – Benefits and How To Use For Gorgeous Hair

Hair is an important part of our body which enhances our beauty. As we all know “precaution is better than cure” here this line suits very well. The most effective way of taking care of your hair by preventing chemical products of hair and by taking proper diet and maintaining hygiene.
Olive oil which was limited to kitchen only for cooking but by knowing the wonders of olive oil it can be used for hair treatments also. Olive oil contains large amounts of anti-oxidants and inflammatory properties and also enriched with vitamin K and E. There are many varieties of hair oil available in the market but we will get a wonderful result if we use olive oil for hair. Olive oil is the most essential commodity required in kitchen to cook anything delicious. But other than cooking it has unique advantages for hair related problems.

Olive Oil For Hair

Benefits of Olive Oil For Hair and How To Use it

1. Nourishes your hair

Due to pollution and chemicals, hairs also effected adversely. You can use olive oil to smoothen your hair and make it strong enough. Olive oil is quite thicker than other hair oil having smoothing and nourishing properties which is obviously beneficial for hair treatments. People often uses olive oil as conditioner because of its supernatural properties.

How to use:

No need to do much just massage your hair with olive oil for 5 minutes at least and for better result you use lukewarm oil.

2. Eliminate split ends

This issue seems very normal but it destroys the softness and beauty of the hair. It can be seen that split ends are the main cause for damaged hair. If you really want to get rid of split ends then the best option is olive oil for hair beauty. These split end makes a shelter when the hair is not trimmed for the long time. Having split ends is a sign of bad hair health and deteriorates the nutrients and smoothness of hair.

Olive Oil For Hair

How to use:

After taking shower or hair wash take a little bit of olive oil and run through your scalp. Repeat the same process for 2-3 months to see a good result.

3. Reduces dandruff

There is no permanent solution to prevent dandruff easily it will take a while to do so. If you are having flaky, dry and damaged scalp you can minimize or reduce it naturally for some time. To remove dandruff naturally you can olive oil for hair care. Give a new life to hair by keeping the hair healthy and dandruff free with olive oil available in almost every kitchen.

How to use:

Take a bit of olive oil in your hands massage your scalp and hair. Make sure to do this for about 3-4 weeks to get a perfect end. Before using olive oil, it is a better option to exfoliate your scalp with lemon or curd.

4. Get frizz-free hair

Dryness and lack of nutrition are the main cause of frizzy hair. Sometimes it is natural but not all the time, keep your hair healthy and nourishing can help to say goodbye to frizzy hair. Olive oil has smoothening and nourishing properties promote strength and eliminates frizz-hair.

How to use:

Just after your hair wash try to do hair spa at home twice in a week. Doing so can prevent dryness, frizz and smoothens your hair.

5. Makes hair glossy

Miraculous olive oil improves the quality of hair naturally. To make your hair shiny, glossy and strong olive oil can work as an effective treatment without using any synthetic product. It can replace hair serum because of its extraordinary properties like smoothening, nourishing, strengthening and also enriched with vitamin E and K. Use olive oil regularly and add it in your daily routine right before shower or whenever you want to. Patience is the only way to get a better and phenomenal result. After 2-3 weeks you can see the changes from dry to glossy, shiny hair.

6. Massage your head

Whether the oil is olive or hair oil massaging always benefits directly or indirectly. Head massage with olive oil enhances blood circulation, bacterial infection and gives relief from stress and anxiety. Olive oil boosts hair growth and leading to a better distribution of nutrients to your hair.

Massage your hair and scalp at least once in a week for 5-10 minutes with lukewarm olive oil.

Choose a better olive oil

With the increase in human needs the commodities and varieties also increases. There are different types of olive oil available in the market. Make sure to check less chemical used during oil packing and processing. Instead of packed oils trust to buy and use oils produced by organic farm. It is well-known fact that “if a natural thing does not benefit, then it does not harm either.”

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