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10 Magical Crystals To Attract Money and Wealth

There are a number of crystals for money available but here, you will come to know the best crystals for money and prosperity for your life.
Everyone is intent to achieve their aims and wants to remain positive for their goals. So It is very important to be focused and make the right decision in life. These crystals not only attract prosperity and wealth but also protect you from negative energies. With the help of these stones a lot of opportunities and good fortune will knock the door of your life.

Crystals To Attract Money
So, let’s jump directly to the 10 best crystals for money to know its benefit in a more elaborate

1. Citrine Crystal

Also known as the “Light Maker” the Citrine crystal has a bright yellow hue, which reflects its equally vibrant energy. The Citrine crystal properties emanate positive energy in all aspects of your life.

crystals for money - Citrine Crystal

Talking about its features, Citrine is used to cleanse the chakras and bring back enthusiasm and creativity for life. It attracts positivity and manifests financial abundance along with prosperity. It also assists in boosting confidence and opportunities. You can connect yourself to citrine crystal by wearing it in your hand or as a necklace.

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2. Tiger’s eye Crystal

crystals for money - Tiger's eye

Tiger’s eye crystal is very helpful to the person as it gives that power, strength and determination to choose the correct path. It also gives a mental piece and brings good luck to you and your family. Make sure that you keep it close to you like in your wallet or pocket if you really want to make a good decision for your life.

3. Pyrite Crystal

Pyrite has been used since ancient times for meditation and divination. Moreover, It welcomes more good fortune and prosperity to your life if ideally spotted in the right place i.e left most corner of your home.

crystals for money - Pyrite Gemstone
Apart from this, pyrite is also known as Fool’s gold due to its metallic luster and pale yellow which
closely resembles gold. Pyrite brings good luck for business owners as it attracts wealth if placed
in your cash boxes. Pyrite offers colors like yellow, grey, and metallic.

4. Green Jade Crystal

Green jade provides balance and harmony for the heart chakra. A healthy heart chakra balances environment and self.  It is also the stone of good luck, it helps you attract love, friendship, wealth, prosperity and abundance.

crystals for money - Green Jade Crystal

The best way you can reap the benefits is keeping it next to your bed as it will assist in fulfilling your dreams of wealth and prosperity. Green jade has been used by the Chinese for wealth since many ages. Green jade is available in colors like dark green or bluish green.

5. Green Aventurine Crystal

crystals for money - Green Aventurine

Good opportunities and luck don’t knock the door every time but if you identify which opportunity
will change your life, then nothing better than this. And thus, stone is all about bringing good fortune to your life. Green Aventurine also known as the Stone of Opportunity. This is one of the luckiest crystals. It helps to manifest prosperity and wealth, boost your chances of success and bring forth optimism. It helps to release old patters and bad habits to make room for new growth and opportunities.

But the right place to spot it is your money areas i.e your wallet, or purse. If you truly desire money and prosperity, then green Aventurine is the best way to keep the money around you

6. Amazonite Crystal

Crystals To Attract Money

Amazonite is a crystal which is seen mostly in deep blue, green or turquoise. This crystal has the ability to heal your pain related to your life. Moreover, it mainly depends on the way you wear it. And the correct way to wear it is as a necklace to keep it close to your heart. It showers its benefit to your heart and throat chakras.
Apart from this, amazonite also helps you to achieve financial success and positive results.

7. Malachite Crystal

The next green crystal in another beautiful green color stone to bring wealth. It is one of the great crystals which keep helping you to achieve your financial goals and reinforces happiness in
your life.

Crystals To Attract Money - Malachite
It protects your body from negative energies and uplifts your confidence. Malachite is very effective
when worn as a necklace, close to your chest as it assists you to accept the changes in your life and
motivates you in every path of life.

8. Peridot Crystal

Crystals To Attract Money - Peridot Crystal

Peridot is a crystal which helps in controlling our emotions and strengthens your mental ability. If
a person wants to welcome prosperity and financial wellbeing to his life then you must have this stone.
It not only makes you strong but also makes it worth attracting wealth.

9. Andalusite Crystal

Everyone wants a positive energy and enthusiasm to achieve goals and this crystal will help you to
focus on it.

Crystals To Attract Money - Andalusite
The color of Andalusite stone varies from grey, brown, green or even pink. It shows both physical
and emotional healing properties. Moreover, it possesses a beautiful appearance and changes its
color in different directions. It is also believed that the mystical properties of this stone guard you
against false energies. To reap its benefits, you should hold it in your hand or else wear it on hand.

10. Clear Quartz Stone

Crystals To Attract Money - Clear Quartz Stone

Clear quartz mainly focuses on your financial goals and helps in putting energies to achieve those
goals. If your intention is clear with prosperity and wealth, then using a part of clear quartz and combining it with another money crystal is the best way to use it. This combo will truly empower your strength along with wealth.

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