Trendiest Hairstyles Inspired by Madhuri Dixit for Women Over 50

Women crossing the age of 50 have a thought that no style will suit them. Or they hesitate to walk in some good fashion. But let’s skip to the good part!!

‘Fashion and style don’t require any age group.’

Madhuri Dixit, a dancing diva of Bollywood has well proved this Statement. At the age of 54, she carries herself with confidence and with such a good vibe that she is an inspiration for lots of women. Everyone admires her for her fashion and hairstyle.

Here on this page, we will throw a glimpse of some iconic hairstyles of Madhuri Dixit. These hairstyles are not only easy but every simple woman can carry them perfectly.

Perfect curly waves

In the first look of Madhuri Dixit, you can see the beautiful hairstyles.

Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle

If your hair is naturally straight, then you should try these wavy curls. This hairstyle will make you look so different. By Pairing every look with a saree, Madhuri Dixit inspires that crowd of women, who are comfortable wearing sarees and prefer to wear them on every occasion. Just like her, you can also try this hairstyle and pair it with a saree and matching jewelry.

Modish curls in blunt bob


Doesn’t it look like a red carpet hairstyle? The curly blunt Bob suits the women who have short hair and also those who are fashionable. This hairstyle is perfect for any party look. Moreover, curly blunt bobs give a very different look to you and once you try this hairstyle, it is sure that you will love it.

Not only at parties, but you can also style this on the wedding occasion or when a woman gets together to show them your grace and elegance in this hairstyle.

Side parted with straight locks

Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle

Open hairs always take the attention of people and force them to turn and look once. In another pic of Madhuri Dixit, the hairstyle suits her and defines her whole look so perfectly that nobody will recognize a 54-year-old lady in the front.
Just like her, even if you try this side-parted with straight locks it will outline your face cut and you will look graceful and beautiful.
It gives a party look by pairing it with a party dress or just like Madhuri Dixit, wearing a beautiful saree is a good idea and grabs everyone’s attention on the stage.

Beautiful braid side front

Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle

This is another easy hairstyle in which Madhuri Dixit looks so elegant and iconic. Have you ever thought that braids can give you such an amazing look? This hairstyle is perfect for women over 50.
Braids with a front puff can be your next traditional look with saree and traditional silver jewelry. Most women prefer braids on their hair and how it would be if a front puff is added to make this hairstyle modern and chic.

Stylish high pony

Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle

‘High pony only suits a young girl.’ Agree? Absolutely no. Look at this pic of Madhuri Dixit. This pic proves that even a woman over 50 can style a High pony and can become a diva like her. Along with this high pony, women can even wear saree with an ounce of confidence and attitude to spread beauty.

Beautiful bun and tendrils for women

Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle

If you are looking for the best hairstyle for a traditional occasion, then nothing is better than a bun. Moreover, to make it more beautiful, also add tendrils and wear a guttapusalu necklace to define the whole look.

In this pic of Madhuri Dixit, she is all in her Maharashtra look.

French braid with open end

Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle

Another traditional hairstyle for women to style on religious occasions. Talking about this hairstyle, French braids are popular among girls. Those who have long hair, opt for this hairstyle for different occasions.
But after looking at this picture, how many of you will say French braids suit only girls? Madhuri Dixit is on her way to changing the trend!! French braids also perfectly match a woman wearing a saree.

Side-parted quiff with light curls

Madhuri Dixit Hairstyle

A common hairstyle but yet gives an iconic and modish look. These side-parted quiffs are very easy to carry and a perfect style for long hair.
Moreover, just like this pic of Madhuri Dixit, you can also pair this beautiful hairstyle with pearl earrings along with a matching adoring saree.

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