Dreamy and Stunning Collection of Wedding Blouse Designs by MONRI

Hello there, fashion lovers! We have some very good news for you! If you are looking for some brand-new fashionable blouses for weddings or even daily purposes. Then, you have come to the right place! Wedding blouse designs are constantly being evolved into a better and bolder version of their earlier selves. And we know that your fashionistas are here for it!

In this post, we are going to make you familiar with one of the top leading brands when it comes to blouses and literally everything related to desi and elegant fashion! MONRI is an evolving and innovative fashion brand. MONRI began its journey with the tagline of “Style is yours let’s make it real” They provide you with classy and beautiful blouses and other clothing items like pure cotton dresses and many others clothing!

Wedding Blouse Designs by MONRI

We present to you the latest blouse collection of MONRI and we are sure that you will not be able to resist the buy now button! Now, without any delay let us begin!

Sada Saubhagayavati Bhava Wedding Blouse!

For your big day, you require all the good eergy and wishes around you! This brings us to the first wedding blouse design for the day! The Sada Saubhgayavati Bhava blessings are stitched on the sleeves of the blouse. You should go for a bright red lehenga in order to complete your bridal look!

You can even go with this blouse for pre-wedding events like a sangeet or even your engagement! It is a perfect design for your big day!

Wedding Blouse Designs

A perfect wedding blouse design for you!

Indian weddings are all about colours, happiness, and love! In this magical event, we are sure that you are looking for a magical blouse too! Now, take a look at the design below and we are certain that you shall love it!

Complete your look with a warm colour saree like orange or yellow as they will help the purple and pink pop off! And finally, do not forget to go for gold Jewlery to add spark to your outfit!

Blouse Designs

Navy Blue wedding blouse designs for you!

Next up we have the sweet and loving navy-blue blouse! This is one of the most sophisticated wedding blouses designs that we have today on our list with us! The golden strips on the sleeve of the blouse along with beautiful floral work done near your bust area make you only more pretty!

A pretty mang tika and a traditional gold necklace will help you get the best results!

Wedding Blouse Designs

Gorgeous green padded blouse to add to your wardrobe!

The next blouse is for people who like to keep it simple and sweet! This blouse is perfect for traditional south Indian weddings where you go with white sarees with golden borders! It is best that you go with minimal jewelry as it will dull the beauty in its simplicity! A natural no makeup makeup look is best suited for a blouse like in the image below!

Wedding Blouse Designs

Lovely laces to adorn you like a princess!

Laces have been a loved item when it comes to blouses for years! And the best part is that they never go out of style! In the image below, the laces help to bring the purple shade of the blouse to life! Again it is best to keep your accessory game simple and sweet so as to keep the attention on your lovely blouse and its laces!

Wedding Blouse Designs

The glamorous golden blouse that you cannot resist!

Be the life of the party with the help of the next wedding blouse that Monri brings you! In the latest collection of Monri, you are promised glamorous blouses for both evening affairs and weddings! This blouse is perfect for the traditional vibe of weddings and for glamorous evening parties too!

We suggest that you go for bright sarees like the colors red, green, light or navy blue, or even golden! All you need to remember is that you need a gajra and some gold earrings to complete your look! And going for high updos is also an excellent choice for you to highlight the designs in your blouse!

Wedding Blouse Designs

Use simple jewelry to complete your look!

Wedding Blouse Designs

Go a little bold with this next blouse design!

Feeling a little bold? Well, why not try out the design below? It is the perfect mixture of traditional and bold blouse designs, and we are here for it! Experiment a bit by going with any traditional jewelry of your choice to complete your look!

Wedding Blouse Designs

Bright colors are best for happy occasions!

Weddings are all about being bright and cheerful! So, why not go for the bright combination of colors to complete your look? The combination of green and yellow is best for summer weddings!

Wedding Blouse Designs

Be the star of the room with this next design!

Take a look at the innovative wedding blouse design in the image below! The jacket style of the blouse is surely something that you must have never seen so why not add it to your collection? Go for a nature scheme of colors like olive green and brown for your saree!

Wedding Blouse Designs

Sweetheart laces to make you even prettier!

For the next design, we bring you the sweetheart laces to make you even more pretty than you already are! The white laces are a work of art that you should not miss! This blouse will make you stand out from the crowd and bring all the attention to you!

Wedding Blouse Designs

For the fashionistas in the house!

Are you someone who likes to always experiment with various looks and is constantly paying attention to recent fashion trends? Well then, the next blouse shall certainly quench your fashion thirst! This blouse is the perfect mixture of traditional and experiments! The knot tying the blouse near your spine gives the impression of a backless blouse design.

While the hook on the upper side gives the illusion of an hourglass figure! This is one of the best wedding blouse designs for you to try this wedding season!

A chequered blouse is always a classy option!

Chequered blouses are one of the most popular blouse designs if you are looking for something classy and elegant! The best thing about this design is that it suits a majority of your sarees too! Although we would recommend you go for cotton sarees of mostly darker shades for a lighter white shade blouse like in the image below!

And for accessories, it is best that you go for silver earrings, and a choker silver necklace to complete your look!

Wedding Blouse Designs

We hoped that we have helped you in selecting some beautiful wedding blouse designs for the upcoming wedding season! And we are sure that you are bound to look like a queen with these splendid blouses!

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