4 Effective Egg Face Masks- The Key To Stunning Skin

We vehemently feel that mother nature has solutions to all of our problems. And believe us or not if you’re struggling to achieve flawless stunning skin then an egg is the solution. Egg face masks can save your hefty parlor expenses.

Egg Face masks - Tikli Beauty Tips
Rich in protein and healthy fats, egg adds elasticity to your skin. Did you know the egg white can actually help oily skin with excess oil secretion problems? Moreover, you can easily get youthful beautiful skin just with an egg!

We have prepared a quick list of skin woes and their ‘eggy’ solutions:

1. Toned Skin:

A smooth toned skin with zero pores visible is something everyone dies to have.

Whisk the egg white to obtain a foamy formula and apply it all over your face. Leave it for 15 minutes then wash it off. Surprise yourself with lively supple skin. Thanks to the astringent properties that make the pores shrink!

2. Premature Skins Of Aging:

Not even 30 yet your skin is showing premature skins of aging? Do you want to get rid of early wrinkles and fine lines?

Grab an egg, some grated carrots and pour milk into the mixture. Apply the mask on your wash and wait for a while till it dries completely. A 20 minutes wait will yield you a lovely gift-youthful healthy skin! Keep this schedule on the loop, repeat it thrice a week and get the most effective result. Bid Adieu to the unsolicited wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Blackheads:

All of us have a common foe-blackheads. These “sebaceous filaments” can be your worst nightmare. But hey, eggs have got your back!

Extract some cucumber juice along with ½ tbsp of neem powder, blend these three and cover your face with this paste. Wash it off and notice how your skin feels lighter than before. Apply this mask twice a week and get a happy blackhead-less face.

4. Bright Skin:

Having a bright skin is a euphoric feeling. It fills you with confidence, no brainer. This face pack is definitely going to shift your current skin into one.

2 tbsps of olive oil, two egg whites, and lemon juice are to be mixed vigorously and then refrigerated for about 40 minutes. Use a brush and apply the thick paste on your face. It won’t take too long to dry (5-10 minutes only). Pull off the mask in an upward direction slowly without hurting your face and then pat your face with cold water. There’ll be visibly evident positive results from the first attempt itself. Watch how your skin gets smoother and brighter magically.

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