5 Precious Hair Care Tips For Winter You Shouldn’t Miss Out

Winter’s almost here, knocking at the door. As the sweater weather sets in, so do hair complications, juxtapose. The farewell of scorching sunny days doesn’t guarantee a halt in hair problems. Your hair needs to be taken care of even during winter. The summer hair regimen has to be replaced by an all-new winter regimen or else your hair will run out of moisture and turn dull and lifeless owing to the dry weather. In this article, we shall reveal to you the 5 precious hair care tips for winter that’ll make winter a notch less torturous for your hair.

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1. Slam The Door To Flaky Scalp:

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Low humidity, air sans moisture leads to winter draughts on your scalp. Dry scalps pave the way to dandruff and irksome itchy scalp. This is when your scalp needs hydration and you shouldn’t run away from oil. Massaging olive oil or coconut oil along with few drops of lemon juice for 10 minutes a day can absolutely change the whole scenario of your scalp! This solution will keep flakes far away from your scalp. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to wash your hair with a mild shampoo and condition.

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2. Frizz No More:

The dry weather can turn your hair into not-so-luscious locks and also make them electric. However, frizzy hair troubles can be dodged to some extent. Avoid using hot water, use lukewarm water instead for a bath. Using satin pillowcase can help your hair remain protected against frizz and split ends. Also, decent hair sprays can help you deal with the frizz.

3. Blow Dry:

Don’t rush and put to your damp and wet hair up because you’ll regret doing so. Damp hair is the harbor for dandruff. It makes your hair and scalp unhealthy. Moreover, it increases the split ends. This is how you treat your wet/damp hair: Get rid of surplus moisture using a towel, pressing your hair strands gently and then use your blow dryer. That’s it, you’re good to go!

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4. The Power Of Conditioning:

If you wish to retain the moisture and luster of your hair, do not skip conditioner. Conditioner locks the moisture, especially at the ends of your hair. Applying it on the strands and ends (not scalp) ensures the salvation of healthy hair. Here’s a piece of advice: Wash off the conditioner only with cool water to get the most effective result.

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5. Must Apply Hair Serum:

Serum acts as a protective gear to the hair shaft in winter, it is a must-have hair essential for winter. It makes the hair shine, scalps strong and removes all the tangles in the hair.

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