50+ Stunning Indian Hairstyles for Reception

Check out the 30 Amazing Wedding Reception Hairstyles

Weddings are your days to shine. Whether you are the Bride-to-be, the bridesmaid, or even the guest, weddings are the perfect occasion for you to shine bright like a star. Typically weddings have a number of ceremonies and each one requires you to style up in a particular way. Indian Weddings are always bubbling with joy and positivity. Receptions are a vital part of the wedding ceremonies. They are somewhat an informal event but that doesn’t mean that you have to let your looks go down. In this particular event, the guests get to meet the Bride and the Groom personally. Wedding Receptions is the time for the newlyweds to make an impression among the guests. In this article, we are going to show you the 50+ Best wedding reception hairstyles you need to try out this wedding season.

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Weddings are the times when you are dressed up to the nines and glowing with happiness. While you have chosen your special outfits for the different ceremonies it also becomes important for you to style your hair according to the requirement. Now, we know you must desire some out of the box hairstyle ideas for the reception. Trust me, by scrolling down this page you won’t regret stopping by. The below hairstyles ideas for the reception are handpicked by the fashionistas who know what’s up in the town. They aim to make you look flawless in these happy times.

So, without further ado, let’s check out the 30 Best Wedding Reception Hairstyles.

1. Behold the Elegant Twists
Hair Stylist: Sejal Savaliya

Pull off this Elegant look at the Reception party by Twisting your hair in curls. It is a simple and sophisticated hairstyle and will give you a rich look. You can also use flowers to accessorize your hair.

2. Classy Bun All the Way!
Hair Stylist: Sangita Lohar

These wedding hairstyle has never failed to impress women. Classy buns are an excellent choice for you if you have a summer wedding. Heat and Sweat not only damage your look but also damage your hair. So, to avoid all that hassle, simply bun your hair in a fluffy bun.

3. Party all Night with this Gorgeous Hairstyle for Reception
Hair Stylist: Priyanka Sethi Makeovers

If you have long and luscious hair then, you can definitely try this hairstyle. It gives off a playful look and bouncy curls just add more effect to your playfulness.

4. There’s Something Fishy Going in here
Hair Stylist: Sejal Savaliya

Fishtails or better known as Khajur chotti are an amazing way to style your hair for the reception party. They are informal making it a perfect choice for the occasion.

5. Accessories Done Right
Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

If you are trying to pull off a classic wedding look but at the same time you want to add your personal touch to it, then, accessories are your friend! You can match the accessory with the outfit you have chosen and personalize your own Reception party look.

6. Long Loose Curls
Hair Stylist: Devanshi Bridal Studio

This is another hairstyle for women with long hair. You can braid the upper sides of your hair and simply let the curls loose. You can also increase the volume effect of your hair by curling the hair that you have let loose below.

7. Twisted Braided Hairstyle for Reception with Flowers
Hair Stylist: Bblurr Bridal Makeup Studio

Flowers are the ultimate hair accessory. Hands down, we have no doubt about it. Indian Wedding Hairstyles are known for adding flowers for a beautiful effect. Not only they give you a fresh look but they also beautify them.

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Continue to scroll down to see the other hairstyles for a reception in our list.

8. Hairstyle for Long, Luscious Hair
Hair Stylist: Durga_Hairstylist

9. Let it Down
Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

10. Braid it Nice
Hair Stylist: puana_eswaran_mua

11. Beautiful Hairstyle for Reception
Hair Stylist: Abhishek Malik

12. Go Simple, Go with Style
Hair Stylist: pylptel_hairstylist

13. Bun without accessories
Hair Stylist: pylptel hairstylist

14. Braid type Pony hairstyle for reception
Hair Stylist: Avipreet Bindra Oberoi

15. Let Down the Bouncy Curls
Hair Stylist: Avipreet Bindra Oberoi

16. Long Braid the Pride of Indian Brides
Hair Stylist: Subalakshmi Rangan

17. Messy Loose Bun for the Wedding Season
Hair Stylist: Aarushi Oswal

18. Tying Hair and Styling it with a Flower
Hair Stylist: goldyhunjanmakeupstudio

19. Another Fishy Fishtail
Hair Stylist: Lokesh

20. Grace of Lovely Flowers

21. Traditional Accessory Matched with a Modern Look
Hair Stylist: Uurmi Kaurr

22. Modern Side Half Braid
Hair Stylist: Venkatesh bridal hair&Makeup

23. A Proper Sophisticated Bun
Hair Stylist: Dimple sheth

24. Wonderful Wavy Hair
Hair Stylist: Sangita Lohar

25. Sweetheart Side-Braid
Hair Stylist: Sunny_hairstylist_official

26. Messy Braided Bun
Hair Stylist:

27. Simple and Cute Hairstyle for Reception
Hair Stylist: Sangita Lohar

28. Small Knots Never Felt so Right
Hair Stylist: Sakshi Gupta Makeup Studio

29. Going Retro
Hair Stylist: Abhishek Malik

30. Pull Off a Rich Look
Hair Stylist: Vetrihairandmakeup

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

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Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

Hairstyles for Reception - Tikli

That’s all for this post. We hoped that you liked the above Hairstyles. Do check out the link below if you wanna know the best hairstyles for Sarees.

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