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Celebrity Poses In Saree For Photography Ideas

Imagine you’re ready for an eventful day. You’re donning your best saree with a perfect blouse design, have the correct accessories, and look absolutely stunning. You’re completely sure that you’ll get the best photos out of this outfit and atmosphere. Alas, like all other times, you’ve maxed out on the same pose you’ve had since forever. There go your stellar poses in saree look.

Poses in Saree
We all know that nowadays just having the perfect combination and outfit isn’t enough. One needs to have the perfect photo too! And what good is it if we don’t know how to pose?

Sarees make everyone look amazing. The drape, the curve, and the flow, all of it speaks elegance and beauty. Having a saree pose for photos is a great way to capture this beauty with style.

Poses in Saree

Poses in Saree
For your photo to be a hit, you might need assistance. Someone to take a whole shot for your outfit because a selfie just doesn’t suffice! If you’re all by yourself, worry not! Find a full-length mirror or set your camera on a timer and take that picture!

We have curated for you; a collection of poses in saree for photos from celebrities. Check out full of celebrities in graceful saree poses list that could make you look stellar!


Poses in Saree

Poses in Saree - kajal aggarwal

Here, we’ve got a simple and basic saree to pose for photos. A slight tilt of the neck or bend at the waist can do wonders for your photo. Don’t forget to find a stable lean place for the picture. And most importantly, don’t drop your smile ever!


Poses in Saree - Samantha Akkineni

Poses in Saree - deepika padukone

Poses in Saree - katrina kaif

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Poses in Saree - rakul preet singh

Using a perception trick could get you the perfect photo too! A simple phenomenon is that if you are wearing a dark-colored outfit in front of a light background, it will stand out. Another option is to play with light. Having a high power light near your feet can bring out the beauty of your saree even in a dark background!


Poses in Saree

saree in pose - kajal aggarwal

Celebrity Poses In Saree - Tikli

If you’re someone who loves sarees in bright colors like yellow, green, and shades of brown, you should let nature speak in your pictures. A natural setting or a green background is a great way to go! An amazing addition would be wooden furniture around you to give that aesthetic look to your photo. Poses in saree with flowers to up the ante!


Poses in Saree

Poses In Saree - Tikli

Poses In Saree - Tikli

Playing with elements of light can give you a great saree pose for photos. If you’ve got light that shines on your face, look away from the camera in an intense stare that can create a beautiful vibe. Or you could always go for Tyra Banks “smize”, i.e. smile with your eyes!


Poses in Saree

Using the contrast technique to make your saree pose for photos stand out, is a great option. Make sure to find the perfect background color that compliments your saree perfectly. After this, even the most simple pose will stand out in your picture!


Poses in Saree

Having a simple, minimalistic, and sophisticated pose for a detailed saree can take you places. If you’ve got the correct background, just sit comfortably or stand straight and you’ve got the most elegant picture at your disposal. The poise with Grace!


Poses in Saree

Poses in Saree

Poses In Saree - Tikli

If you want close-up poses in saree for your photo, this is something you should definitely try. Avoid eye contact with the camera and look like a dream girl! Rock that diva look like a boss lady!


Poses in Saree

Celebrity Poses In Saree For Photography Ideas

Celebrity Poses In Saree For Photography Ideas

Poses in Saree

Sarees make your curves look prominent. Bend a little to accentuate this feature and look as sexy as ever! Don’t forget to have adequate lighting and a smile on your face!

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Poses in Saree

Poses in Saree - deepika padukonePoses in Saree - sonam kapoor

If you’re donning a bold saree, don’t forget to wear your sass with it. For a strong saree pose for photos is to stand with confidence. Look like you can rule the world and don’t let anything falter your strength!


You’ve got an expensive saree and you don’t show it off? Impossible! Wear your detailed and finely created saree with elegance. Try out these poses to look absolutely royal and regal. This saree pose for photos will make you the queen you are meant to be!


Poses in Saree

Poses In Saree - Tikli

Gone are the times when girls needed to be shy and docile for their photos. Look comfortable and cool with this casual poses in saree for photos. Let your hair down with your flowing drapes! Rock that saree the right way!

With this, we come to the end of the blog. We hope you found out a lot about posing with a saree. Wear them the same or mix and match, it’s all up to you! Don’t be shy and never think twice. Just go out there with confidence and match the vibrancy of your saree!

Now that you know how to go about your posing, we hope to see your amazing pictures taking over Instagram! Take your stellar outfit and your stunning poses in saree and put them in a picture. No one can rock it like the ladies! Let’s show them!

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