21 Stylish And Beautiful Indian Hairstyle For Saree

Sarees are every corner of the world and everyone wants to slay the traditional saree look. Women prefer saree over other traditional outfits and try to make their style statements. They also pair their saree with designer blouses and different accessories but they get stuck when it came to hairstyles. It becomes challenging to find the perfect hairstyles for saree. So, to help you out we have come up with some fantastic hairstyles for saree that will help you create your own style. Just have a look and find the perfect hairstyle for yourself.

hairstyle for saree


1. Side Braids Bun Hairstyle

Hairstyle For Saree

Hairstyle for saree

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Side braids always make you look stylish but when you extend it into a braid it looks gorgeous. It is a perfect hairstyle for saree and you can make this hairdo for occasions like weddings, parties, etc. If you are opting for simple saree then you must pick this bun as it will make you gorgeous. This hairstyle for saree is also trendy and looks stunning on any face type.

2. Half Down Half Up Top Knot Bun

hairstyles for saree

Another updo is quite a trendy hairstyle among teenagers and college girls. You can wear this hairstyle on an outfit but it looks best with sarees only. So, you can drape your saree in your style and then make this top knot bun and you are ready to slay. Half up half down knot bun has a bold appearance and makes you look stunning. You can style this to weddings, fresher’s parties, farewell parties, etc.

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3. Low Ponytail

Hairstyle for Saree

Hairstyle For Saree

Hairstyle For Saree

If you are wearing a saree and you don’t know what to do with your hair, then go for this hairstyle. It is quite easy and simple to make as well as it is suitable for any kind of event. You can make either a sleek low ponytail or a messy one, it all depends upon your choice. This chic hairstyle will make your traditional attire look more classy and elegant.

4. Side Messy French Braid

Hairstyle for a saree

The messy side french braid is a modern hairstyle that creates a chic look when paired with a saree. It is quite stylish and looks marvelous on any face cut. You can add a flower or other hair accessories to make it look gorgeous.

5. Gajraa BunHairstyle For Saree

Hairstyle For Saree

If you looking hairstyle for a wedding then your search ends here. This classic hairstyle will make you look elegant. Gajra is a beautiful garland of the flower jasmine which is worn as a hair accessory. You can simply make a normal bun or low bun and cover it with the gajra. Trust me this hairstyle is so beautiful that it will make you talk of the town.

6. Bubble Hairstyle

Hairstyle With Saree

hairstyles for saree

hairstyles for saree

hairstyle for saree

Hairstyle For Saree
Hair Stylish: Aanchal Balaraj

This is the newbie in the hairstyle family and is becoming quite trendy. You can make this hairstyle for small get together or family gatherings. It can be paired with any saree but will look great handloom sarees or chiffon saree. Make this hairdo and slay with your style.

7. Wavy PonytailHairstyle for a saree

Wavy hairstyles are so in trend right now. Whether it is beachy waves or a wavy ponytail hairstyle, both look gorgeous and creates a stunning appearance. It will also look sophisticated when paired with the sarees. You can just make a ponytail and then curl it with your curler and you are ready to grab attention.

8. Sock Bun

hairstyles for saree

You want to make a bun but you don’t have volume, then try this sock bun. These are classic bun and look super gorgeous. It will also increase the volume of the bun and it is super easy to make. To accentuate your bun, wrap a layer of gajra around it.

9. Puffed Up Bun

hairstyles for saree

hairstyles for saree

The charming and graceful puffed-up bun looks amazing with the saree outfit. Whether it’s a wedding occasion or a small family function, this hairstyle for saree will make your saree look a befitting one.

10. Stylish Soft Curls

Hairstyle For Saree

hairstyle for saree

Soft curls always look gorgeous but when side braids are added it looks authentic and stylish. You can wear this hairstyle on any kind of occasion as it is a versatile hairstyle. Apart from the saree, it will also look good on Kurtis, salwar suits, and lehengas.

11. Necklace Headdress

hairstyle for saree

Do you want to make a style statement with your look? If yes, then try a necklace as a hair accessory. Either make a ponytail or just backcomb your front hair and add a necklace headdress and you are ready with your hair. Style it with a saree or lehnga and become the talk of the town. It will give your traditional saree a modern look.

12. Fishtail Braid

hairstyles for saree- Fishtail Braid

hairstyles for saree- Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are simple and easy hairstyles but when styled with a saree, the pair becomes super stylish. It will give you an Indian girl look and is perfect for any occasion. It will enhance your beauty and make your look voluminous. You can add a hair accessory to the braid and make it more stylish.

13. Low Bun

Hairstyle For Saree

hairstyles for saree

hairstyle for saree

If you want to create a stylish look with a bun, then choose this low bun hairstyle. You can either go for a sleek or messy bun. Add some flower accessories to make it more beautiful. These types of hairstyles are suitable for wedding ceremonies.

14.Crown Braid with Soft Curls

hairstyles for saree

hairstyles for saree

If you want to keep your hair open and still create some style, there here you go. This hairstyle gives you that oomph factor in open hair. Start braiding your hair from the front and clip it below your crown area. Curl the rest of your hair and you are good to go.

15.Voluminous Low Bunhairstyles for saree

We all love buns that have volume and look bulky and it also looks good with sarees. In fact, a sleek voluminous bun is so in demand right now. It gives the illusion of having thick hair. You can pick this hairstyle for weddings and other festive occasions.

16. Crown Puff Hairstyle

hairstyles for saree

If you love puff hairstyle and want it with open hair, then this hairstyle is for you. Instead of backcombing your hair from the front, take hair from the crown area and shape it into a puff. Secure your puff with bobby pins and curl the rest of the hair. Your hairstyle is ready and will look pretty with any saree you drape. It will make you stylish, so start slaying girl.

17. Loose Curls Hairstyle

Hairstyle For Saree

Open hair looks gorgeous without any effort but if you curl your’re a bit it will change your entire look. This hairstyle is simple and is perfect for Indian attire like sarees, lehengas, etc. You can also add braids and bin them on the back of your head to make them look more gorgeous. Style with your saree and let your style do the talking.

18. Crown Braid

Hairstyles For Saree

If you want to give a modern touch to your traditional look then go for the crown braid. First of all, it is super stylish and secondly, it is a lot of fun to make it. You can slay the game of hairstyles with the crown braid hairstyle when you will pair it with a saree.

19. Braided Bun

Hairstyle For Saree - Braided Bun

Bun and saree are pairs that complete each other. You can make a braided bun to give your traditional bun a modern touch. It looks classy and also simple to make. You need to first make the braid and then shape it into a bun. Secure your bun with a lot of bobby pins and you are ready with your hairstyle.

20. French Twist Messy Bun

hairstyles for saree
Hair Stylist: Ritika Kadam

The last on the list is a French twist messy bun. French twist is usually suitable for western dresses but the messy french twist bun will look great on a saree. You need to make a french twist with a loose hand and then pull some hair to give it a messy look. This hairstyle will help you make your own style statement.

So, this was the complete list and we are sure you will find the perfect hairstyle for saree.

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