Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss: The Secret to your Oh-so-smooth lips!

The beauty products being the recent development of the company are one of finest ones. And the most well-rated are the lip glosses. Victoria’s Secret has a wide variety and category of lip glosses, out of which we have picked the top ten ones which will leave an ‘oh-so-smooth!’ finish on your lips. These will not only make your lips look glossier but will also nourish them as well as give them a touch of shimmer.

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1. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Shiny Kiss Lip Gloss Juiced Berry

It is our first pick of the lip glosses we’ve chosen for you from Victoria’s Secret collection. This one here is a tasty berry flavored lip gloss with a touch of shimmer. It gives your lips a darkish pink color and you’ll love it if pink is the color you prefer when it comes to lip shades.

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2. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Peek-A-Boo Color Shine Gloss

This is our next pick which will make your already beautiful lips look even more beautiful. This one is a color shine lip gloss, which is non-sticky and has a high-luster formula and an easy application wand.

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3. Victoria’s Secret Flavoured Lip Gloss with Kiss Keychain (Minty Kiss) by Victoria’s Secret

This is a pocket-friendly lip gloss in the flavor, Mint. And it has a beautiful keyring attached to it.

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4. Candied: Victoria’s Secret Lip Silk Sheer Gloss

This one here will prove to be a luxury for your lips making them silky smooth and shiny since it has a Vitamin E formula which nourishes your lips, gives them that mind-blowing color and an intense shine.

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5. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Color Shine Lip Gloss Pinky

This one is the pink color of the color shine lip gloss, which is non-sticky and has a high-luster formula and an easy application wand.

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6. Victoria’s Secret Glossy Lip Tint Sheen Gloss Boudoir Pink

This one’s known as the tint sheen lip gloss in the color boudoir pink and definitely stands out from all these glosses because of its finish and looks.

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7. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Sunset Kiss Lip Gloss Punch Love

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8. Victoria’s Secret Shine Drama Lip Gloss- Confession by Victoria’s Secret

This is the one which will give you that high on drama look with its intense shine and boldness. This is here to make you stand out.

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9. Victoria’s Secret Sparkle Gloss Lip Shine “Mesmerized”

This is a brand-new product launched by Victoria’s Secret which has left a lot of its users mesmerized, as the name suggests. It has a high-end moisturization quality and gives a nice sparkly shine to your lips.

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10. Victoria’s Secret Lip Gloss- Dazzling Citrus

Last, but not the least, this is a brand-new pick from the Beauty Rush Collection of Victoria’s Secret and it has already been rated as one of the finest Victoria Secret lip glosses. As both, its name and color suggest, it’s citrus flavor makes it really refreshing. It will give your lips the perfect blend of nourishment and shine, just what a good lip gloss should do.

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So, these were our top 10 picks of the most nourishing and well-rated lip glosses from the collection of Victoria’s Secret. We hope you liked it.

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