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“A woman looks best in Saree” is a very famous dialogue and it is also a true fact. Sarees are the most beautiful attire in the world and women loves to wear saree in most of their special occasions. Women love to drape themselves in sarees and they got a large number of varieties of sarees to choose from. But there is some special kind of sarees that are known for their uniqueness, these are not silk sarees. These are the hand-painted sarees that reflects the culture and tradition of our India. The beauty and quality of hand-painted saree depend on the hard work and the artistic skill of the crafter. The style and designs of hand-painted sarees depend on the region of the crafter and the skills he has. One of the most famous variety is Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree.

Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree

Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree is a classic piece of art and looks stunning as well as gives a refined look to the women who wear it. The Pattachitra sarees are originated in Orissa and thus has the essence of its culture and tradition. Pattachitra is basically a piece of art that is drawn on the dried Palm leaves and is painted with a mixture of chalk and gum.

Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree

The design of Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree is similar to the art drawn on the leaves and contains pictures of various Gods and goddess flowers, ornaments, trees, animal, nature, etc. It is one of the most complicated designs and takes several days to complete the designing of a single saree. The designs are normally drawn on the anchal and border of the saree.

Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree

The Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree is a mark of tradition and culture of Odisha. Vipakka, the Bengaluru based leading handcrafted apparel and accessories label just launched their new Hand Painted Pattachitra Saree collections.  These sarees are hand-painted by the finest of the artisans. If you will see from the artist point of view then you’ll find the story represented through the paintings and drawings. For the crafters, these are not only sarees but is a canvas which shows their brilliant artwork. Hand-painted sarees are therefore most precious among all other varieties of sarees.

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