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6 Effective Yoga For Hair Growth and To Stop Hair Fall

Yoga is an antique technique for mental and physical health. It gives a divine inner feeling to connect with the God. Yoga has its second side to cure skin and hair problems. Hair fall, hair thinning, and hair loss are very common problems nowadays in both men and women due to many reasons like stress, pollution, and lack of nutrients in your diet. Every girl or even boy’s dreams that their hair looks long and stunning at least for some year or months. There are different and unique yoga for hair growth and doing yoga asanas definitely don’t any side effects rather than it will help you to boost your health conditions.

Yoga For Hair Growth

Implementing yoga in daily routine gives a magnificent results especially for proper hair growth without using any chemical. You can use any yoga mat but make sure if you can afford use the best yoga mat. It will help to maintain your balance and have the right posture. Some of the Yoga poses are listed below for hair growth:

1. Vajrasana (Thunderbolt pose):

Yoga For Hair Growth

Vajrasana pose is simple sitting posture. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word vajra, which means ‘thunderbolt or diamond” and asana means “pose”. It helps in keep mind calm, strengthening sexual organs and cures stomach related issues. As nutrients is required for hair growth, the digestion should be very healthy. This asana is easier than others and very effective yoga for hair growth.

To Do Vajrasana:

  • Start by kneel down and sit on your heels.
  • Keep your back and whole body straight.
  • Sit in a way so that both the knees are attached together.
  • Now keep your hands on your thighs and take a deep breath with straight head and eye sight.
  • Stretch and relax after 30 seconds in that position.

Key Point:

Make a habit to sit in this position daily for your stomach related issues.

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2. Ustrasana (Camel pose):

Yoga For Hair Growth

Ustrasana is one of the most wonderful asanas of yoga for hair growth. This asana boosts flexibility of body, increases strength and stretches the entire part of the body. The Ustrasana name is derived from two Sanskrit words Ustra which means “Camel” and asana means “Pose”. It is also called Camel Pose in English. Because of this, the blood flow gets directed towards your scalp.

To Do Ustrasana:

  • First by relaxing your body knee down maintaining 6 inches difference between them.
  • With your hands hold your lower back and your thumbs are towards your waistline and fingers towards lower back.
  • While inhaling, bend slightly backwards and your hipline and chest should be raised up.
  • Slowly drop your head back.
  • For complete posture, repeat the same but take your arms upwards while inhaling grab your heels.
  • Then slowly you can drop head back.

Key Point:

Stay in this pose for 30 to 60 seconds. Doing Ustrasna in morning benefits for immediate result.

3. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Dog):

Yoga For Hair Growth

Adho Mukha Svanasana also known as Downward Dog is the most basic and widely-used yoga pose. The name Adho Mukha Svanasana is Sanskrit words which is derived from adhas means “down”, mukha means “face”, Svana means “dog” and asana which means “pose”. This is one of the pose that we practice during Surya Namaskar. This asana long-established resting position and helps to maintain the circulation of blood in your scalp.

To Do Adho Mukha Svanasana:

  • Firstly sit in Vajrasana
  • Place your hands on your yoga mat. Make sure fingers separated and pressing equally into the floor.
  • Now move your legs back and tuck your toes.
  • Slowly lift yourself up and focus to lift your hip back lengthening your spine.
  • Keep your heels up and do not loose your stomach area.
  • Drop your head completely down without.
  • Then drop your heel slightly down without bending your knees and press your heels into the floor. Hold the pose for 30-40 seconds.
  • This feels immense stretch in your whole body. Now come back to Vajrasana posture and relax.

Key point:

Don’t do this asana forcefully as a beginner otherwise it will harm you. Do the posture as much as you can.

4. Shashankasana (Rabbit Pose):

Yoga For Hair Growth

Rabbit posture is also the counter posture of Ustrasna. The name comes from the Sanskrit shash which means “rabbit”, ank means “lap” and asana that means “pose”. In English, it is known as rabbit pose. Due to crown chakra in this asana the blood circulates directly towards your head or scalp.

To Do Shashankasana:

  • First of all sit on your knees or perform Vajrasana.
  • Grab your heels with your palms.
  • Inhale and exhale, fold forward keeping your forehead on your knees.
  • As you inhale, lift your buttocks towards up.
  • Keep your crown chakra on the floor.
  • Pull your heels with your hands upwards.
  • Slowly sit back in normal posture and relax your body.

Key Point:

If you facing any difficulty to keep your head near your knees then you can also keep your head a little away from knees.

5. Balasana (Child Pose):

Child Pose- Yoga for hair growth

Balasana is an easy yoga asana that can even be performed by beginnersBalasana is posture that looks like a new born child. It comes from Sanskrit word bala means “child” and asana means “posture” and referred as child’s pose in English. This pose is beneficial for relaxation, stretching, blood circulation of body. It cures the stomach related problems and gives relief from stress which is the main reason of hair fall and thus this Balasana is the easy and impactful yoga for hair growth.

To Do Balasana:

  • Sit on your heels on your yoga mat.
  • Keep your knee together
  • Slowly bend yourself forward and touch the floor with your head.
  • Put your hands or arms back alongside of your body facing upwards.
  • Be in this position for 30 seconds then stretch and relax your body.

Key Point:

This pose should not be performed by pregnant women, knee related issues, etc.

6. Sirsasana (Headstand Pose):

Yoga For Hair Growth
Source: Canva

Sirsasana increases the flow of blood to your head and scalp, thus helping hair fall, color fading of hair and obstacle for hair growth. Sirsasana is derived from Sanskrit word sirsa meaning “head” and asana meaning “pose”. This is a powerful yoga asana for shiny and proper hair growth naturally. It is also known as headstand pose in English.

To Do Sirsasana:

  • Start from sitting in child posture.
  • First of all measure your elbows by holding them with the opposite arms.
  • Keep them right in front of your knees not far.
  • Then interface your fingers, place them firmly on the floor and make a frame with your fingers.
  • Slowly lift your hips up and place your crown in that frame.
  • Tuck your toes and start walking.
  • Then bend both of your knees and slowly raise you knees and legs up.
  • Stay for 30 seconds in this position and reverse the process to relax yourself.

Key Points:

This asana is not that much easy as it looks like. Placing your entire body weight on the neck can cause neck injury and strain. This can be harmful for sensitive neck.

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