Step by Step: How To Apply False Eyelashes With Ease

Eye makeup is incomplete without a bit of mascara or false eyelashes. Falsies add an oomph factor to the whole look and make it look dramatic. They make your eyes pop.
Falsies are better than mascara because who wants mascara sweeping off their cheeks?
Also, mascaras actually weaken your eyelashes during the removal process so why harm your lashes?


Though it isn’t easy for beginners to put falsies eventually you get habituated to it.
Here’s how you can master the art of putting false eyelashes.
But before you begin, get ready with:

  • Eyeliner
  • Eyelash curler
  • Tweezers
  • Falsies
  • Scissors
  • Eyelash glue

Steps To Put Falsies:

1. Curl It Up:

The first step is curling the eyelashes. The curling has to be done downwards remember! If you want you can apply a bit of mascara too. Be careful while curling because you might hurt your eyes. Look for eyelash curler with that have soft padding.

2. Trim Your Lashes:

Trim the falsies by cutting it little by little starting from the outer corner. The false eyelashes need to be given a nice shape.

3. Applying It:

Choose a nice eyelash glue. You may also try out adhesive lashes instead of sticky glue.
Apply the glue on the band, but not too much of it! Wait for a few seconds to let the glue get tacky. Start it from the corner and then lay the rest carefully on your eye. Slightly nudge your fingers so that the false lashes stick to your eyes.

4. Final Touch Up with Mascara:

This is an absolutely optional step. Once you’re done putting the falsies, the real lashes and false ones are going to blend. In order to enhance the look furthermore, you may apply mascara and you’re good to go!

Easier said than done, here’s a handful of hacks to easily apply the falsies:

1) Curved lashes are important:

Lashes need to be curved so that the falsies can easily blend with the real lashes.

2) Trimming the lashes:

In case the lashes are too long for your eyes or don’t suit you, you can trim the lashes.

3) Sticky Glue:

If the eyelash glue isn’t sticky, the falsies won’t last for long on the eyes. Hence, it’s better to wait for a few seconds before putting the lashes. The glue initially appears white but as soon as it starts to dry up it gets transparent and that’s when you should apply your lashes.

4) Maintaining the lashes:

Cleaning the dirt off the falsies with warm water and a mild shampoo is helpful to get rid of dirt or mascara or excess of glue on the lashes.

5) A nice eyelash applicator:

A good eyelash applicator will make you work even simpler. This tool will make the eyelash application much more convenient. They carefully place the falsies on the lash line.


1. Do eyelashes stay even when am in bed?

That isn’t really a great idea to keep your makeup on when in bed. You must remove it before you go to bed.

2. Is there any side effects of false eyelashes?

The glue or adhesive attracts dirt particles and may cause infection if not properly maintained on a regular basis.

3. Is it a one-time thing?

No! you can use it as many times as you want.

4. How long do artificial lashes stay on?

8-9 hours at most.

Here is a quick video, how to apply false eyelashes.

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