7 Best Eye Makeup Looks That Are Stunningly Jaw-Dropping

Sometimes, words don’t need a place in this world when eyes can speak it all. All you girls have beautiful eyes, so let your eyes do the talking the next time you meet someone you’d like to kill with your killer looks and let these Stunningly Jaw-Dropping Eye Makeup Looks help you with the same.

1. The Starlit Night

This eye makeup look is ethereally beautiful, just like the starlit sky. And in the same way it acquires the design of it in all its beautiful shades, texture and the starry design in the middle layer that goes right up the black wing. This four-layered eye makeup is an exceptionally designed piece of art made on the human eye. The first and the foremost of these layers being the black winged eyeliner, which is followed by the starry design which becomes the highlight of this look. Cutting the shimmer, the purple matte liner line makes it all the more enigmatic. And to top it all, the violet hue to complete this look is the most beautiful add-on.

2. Violet Perfection

It is incredibly beautiful how the violet eye makeup creates an ombre effect with the black winged eyeliner to make this look exceptionally beautiful. A shimmer of white eye-shadow sprinkled in the middle of the violet hue gives it a starry dash. To make this look all the more beautiful, the edgy line cut design towards the inner circle of the eye-lid is amazing.

3. Aladdin’s Lamp

This eye makeup look, looks no less than a dream come true like the Aladdin’s lamp, just in the shape of it. Beautiful shades of browns make it a fabulous one. The design acquired by using the black eyeliner both on the inner as well as the outer edge of the lid is stunning and to complete it all comes the edgy golden line which adds a dash of glitter to the matte look.

4. Intense Matte

This one is an intense matte look with bold blue eyeshadow makeup inclusive of the winged eye-liner in a darker shade of the same colour. It is made brilliantly outstanding by those curly mascara-laden lashes and that intended smudgy design on the upper surface of the eyelid.

5. Curvy Inspiration

The graciously curvy design of the eye-shadow and liner strokes is the highlight of this eye makeup look. Starting with the fine line of black eyeliner to that of the extended large wing on the outside is a marvelous touch enhanced with white eyeshadow on the inner eyelid surface. This layer is covered on one end by the golden liner line and is topped by beautiful shades of brown. The under-eyes have been perfected with kajal and the lashes with mascara.

6. Silver Dusk

This light and the dusky look is perfect for a casual day wear. With the tinch of orange-brown shades mixed preceded by silver coats and black winged eyeliner, this look is commendably beautiful.

7. The Winged Contrast

Giving the feel of sunset shades this eye makeup look is beyond words. Mesmerizing shades of orange, brown, golden and peach, make this one of the most outstanding eye makeup looks of this list.

So, these were some of the most gorgeous eye makeup looks that you can wear to look like an ethereal beauty. Hope you liked them.

Image Source: Pinterest

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